How To Do The Cut And Restore Rope Magic Trick

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Rope magic tricks are of various kinds. If you’re a beginner, you should begin with simple rope tricks whereas, for magicians, you can learn more magic tricks to add variety. In rope magic tricks, the magic props you need are minimal and usually, one or several ropes or similar fabric is required. Let’s know about rope magic tricks and the cut and restore trick.

How Do Rope Magic Tricks Work?

Rope magic tricks are forms of illusions carried out by a magician or performer using a rope. It can also be multiple ropes or special ropes made for that purpose. Moreover, rope tricks work better in close-up magic tricks or when the audience is in front of the magician because the magician can easily make the rope magic appear real with seamless and calculated hand movements.

Speed is considered the most important part of rope magic tricks. The movements should be quick and they should appear natural to the audience so they process the act as a whole and appreciate the magic trick.

The Cut And Restore Magic Trick

It is a classic rope trick. In this trick, you cut the rope into two pieces and then tie them together using a simple knot. After then, move the knot from the middle of the rope to one end and then keep moving to slide the knot off the rope and magically restore the rope to its original length.

Things You Need

To perform this trick, you need 4-6 feet of rope. Cotton ropes are fine, but if you want the best fabric, use a clothesline or sash cord. You are not restricted much regarding the thickness of the rope but try to avoid using a thin rope (3/8 inch or less). Other than a rope, you need regular scissors for cutting the rope.

Steps-By-Step Tutorial For The Cut And Restore Rope Trick

  1. Hold the rope in your hand. The ends should be in your hand and the other part should be hanging down. The back of your hand should be in front of the audience.
  2. Take the middle part of the rope with your right hand and move it to the left hand that is holding the two ends of the rope.
  3. Use your right hand to grab the scissors. During this, you should intentionally drop the middle part of the rope.
  4. The most important part of the trick begins now. You’ll be showing people that you’re lifting the center part of the rope again, but you will be performing more things.
  5. Take the center part of the rope and raise it to reach the left hand. Take the middle part of the rope and move it through the fingers and thumb so that half of the hand is inside the rope’s loop.
  6. When both hands are close enough that people can’t see your movement, use the fingers of the right hand to lift the part of the rope that’s close to the end but just below the left hand.
  7. In the same motion, tilt your right hand so that you can switch the center of the rope with the part that you would show as the center of the rope and move your hand upward so now the audience can see the (new) center of the top.
  8. Now, cut the middle part of the rope you’re showing to people with scissors.
  9. Release the part of the rope you cut and the two parts of the rope will be hanging down appearing to be the same length. But you have one small and one long piece of rope.
  10. Tie the two ends of the short rope with two overhand knots. You can now grab any part of the rope from the knot and any end of the rope and let the other part of the rope hanging down.
  11. Move the knot from the middle to the end. Keep it at one point and then slide it off the rope. Show the long rope to the audience.

The cut and restore rope magic trick is a simple and exciting trick. It needs practice to make the moves seamlessly. Make sure to get the best ropes and other supplies from a magic store online and begin your practice. ronjo

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