What are the top 5 natural laxatives for children?

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There are natural laxatives for children to aid constipation that each and every mother should know. Constipation implies infrequent stools. It can imply bloated stomach, hard stools and difficulty in passing the stool. Constipation may give the feeling of incomplete emptying just after bowel movement. This situation may cause a bit of abdominal pain and discomfort as well. Chemical laxatives are the not recommended which are released every year by the drug and medicine companies.

Usage of chemical laxatives and pills can damage the body system significantly. Your child may incur an irreversible damage such as extreme fatigue, lazy bowel. It is only natural laxative that can provide a great relief from the situation. Natural laxatives, coming directly from nature, will never cause any kind of discomfort of ill effects. The top 5 natural laxatives include horseradish, flax seed, aloe vera, beets, and cabbage.

How to use the natural laxatives to cure constipation?

Using the natural laxatives for children is very simple. Following are the ways of using the natural laxatives:

  • Aloe vera leaves are the best natural laxatives. You need to take a fresh leaf, simply grind and drink it. One must not swallow more than a quarter of a cup.
  • Cabbage is a fantastic natural laxative. You either consume fresh cabbage or stir fry it prior to consuming. You can find too many recipes in cabbage, online. To relieve the constipation, you can cook a tasty meal with cabbage.
  • Beets, comprising of the enzyme, is the natural laxative. It can speedily cure constipation. If the child eats the beet uncooked, it will be best. One can make a fresh beet salad and serve. It can happen that consuming beet transforms the urine into red. This is natural since the dark color of beet gets passed on to the urine.
  • Flax seed can allow one to relieve without any problem. They are natural laxatives to allow the bowel passage. Simply add one teaspoon of flax seed in the cup of boiling water. Let the water cool and ask the child to drink the mixture along with the seeds. This will quickly cure constipation.
  • The most natural laxative is horseradish. It can help in regulating and balancing the metabolic system. The user needs to put the horseradish root in the cup carrying boiling water. Prior to drinking, wait for 5 minutes. This must be done three times daily to get quick relief from constipation. Simultaneously, the horseradish root may also be added to the salad as seasoning and served.



If your toddler is suffering from hard stools, you can use natural laxatives for children. Constipation in children is the consequence of too much milk intake and poor hydration. Increasing the amount of fluids intake, such as fruit juice and water can cure constipation. Increase the fibrous food intake can also help.

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