8 Things That Devalue Your House

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Want to know what are things that devaluing your house in the ? Let’s know from the best real estate agent!

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  1. Illegal Changings Made in Your House

A realtor would definitely hesitate to even start any work with you it is found out that you have made some illegal changes in your house. For instance, your house is approved for three bedrooms only while you have reconstructed to make it four in total without any approval from council. This would create a huge problem for you when you try to sell your house as agent cannot publish your house as a four-bedroom one for sale.

  1. Pet Odors

Normally people don’t consider it a big problem but it is really a huge issue when it comes to selling your house. Even the seller’s agents don’t appreciate to make any deal if the house has any unpleasant odor that might be difficult for someone who don’t like to keep pets. This odor is definitely going to devalue your house no matter the market rate is very high. In fact, many people become so addictive of their pet’s odor that they don’t feel anything at all and it is very natural to be used to of any odor. So, it is better to take help from some neutral person to visit your home and tell you if it smells like your pets or no.

  1. Customized Combination of Paint Colors and Décor

Of course when you own a house, you do a lot of things as per your liking in your house from wall paints to the room décor. But make sure what effects it may have when you ever try to sell this house. For instance, not everyone like the loud colors and quirky décor so your color combination might become the major reason of devaluing your home. Realtors take great advantage of such customization in negotiating the price so be very careful before doing any such thing at your house.

  1. Air Pollution in Your Area

As people are getting more aware of health issues, they try to search for places where air pollution is least in the area. So, if your house is located on the main road side then it might be problematic for you when you wish to sell your house.

  1. Swimming Pools

Well it sounds surprising but swimming pools do devalue your house by some thousands of bucks. It is reality because of the poor condition of weather or any other such reasons, swimming pools are really not a good addition to your home. It has so many associated expenses from maintenance to safety, so yeah not everyone like the idea of having a pool at home. The seller’s agents might clear this thing in the very beginning that your swimming pool is going to cost you much.

  1. DIY Renovations without Permission

It is somewhat similar to illegal changing made at your house when you make dome DIY renovations without taking any permission from council. Realtors always ask you for the approved document where you got the permission of making any DIY renovation and if you don’t have one, you might fail to even sell your house in anyway. Or maybe you will have to sell it at a very lower cost than it should be.

  1. Conflicting Neighborhoods

If you have questionable neighborhood who are either involved in crimes or create conflicting situation in every other matter, then it might be reason of devaluing your property as well. It is because potential buyers avoid to buy house in any area where such issues are already expected to arise as soon as they move here.

  1. Not Giving Any Attention To Your Home’s Exterior

Well unappealing exterior is definitely going to devalue your home as it is the first thing that any potential buyer will see. If it is outdated or highly in need of repair, then it may create a negative impression on seller’s side leading to decreasing the amount you want to bid on your house. Also, it might give an impression that interior will also be same as you have presented exterior so be very careful about such little things. So, it is good to renovate your home’s exterior a little bit before any sellers agent visit your home for evaluation.

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