Selling Home By Yourself Vs. Hiring Real Estate Agent – Which Option Is Better?

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Selling your home is a huge transaction and you will have to decide between selling through real estate companies or selling it yourself. If you prefer to sell through real estate companies them you will need to find a real estate agent who is best in his field. Both has its sets of advantages and disadvantages, whether you sell it yourself or find a real estate agent. Read below to find out which of the option is better so that it is easy for you to decide.

Selling Home without hiring real estate agent

You are the owner of your house and no one can know your house better than yourself. But, selling a house will take time, knowledge and hassle and money as well. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of selling the house yourself.


  1. You know more about the house than anyone else so you can give better information to buyers.
  2. You can market your house according to your own preferences.
  3. You do not have to give the commission fees to the real estate companies so that will save you money.
  4. You can negotiate the terms of selling your house to the prospective buyer without any real estate agent involved and you can find a middle price for settlement which works for you as well as for buyer interests.


  1. You do not know about the fluctuating market rates. The rates may change overnight.
  2. Selling house by yourself may take more time as compared to real estate agents as you will need to contact people to buy your house.
  3. A lot of time and hassle will be required to call and talk with the buyers and show them around the house.
  4. You do not possess ample knowledge on how to sell a house and the negotiating techniques as well.
  5. Costs will be incurred on marketing and advertisements of your house in different newspapers.

Selling House Through Real Estate Agent

Selling your house through an expert intermediary has more advantages than disadvantages.


  1. A real estate agent has more knowledge about house selling, he is an expert in this field so will know his profession more than you.
  2. A real estate agent will have a wide database of prospective buyers and their preferences, so he will be able to bring in the right people who may be interested in your house.
  3. A real estate agent will take care of the marketing of your house such as professional photographs, advertisements, and other marketing measures.
  4. He is more abreast with information regarding the fluctuating market rates so he will be able to guide you better that when is the right time to sell.
  5. He is more experienced in negotiating with the clients and buyers.
  6. He will be able to sell your house at a much faster rate than you.
  7. He will be able to sell your house at a higher rate.
  8. He will take care of the hassle of arranging a meeting with the buyers and showing them around the house so your time will be saved.


  1. The only disadvantage is that he will take a realtor fee or commission to sell your house which looks little as compared to the advantages that you will be getting. So, what are you waiting for? Find a real estate agent.

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