The latest polls on 2016 election and the race of the Presidentship

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As per the latest polls on 2016 presidential election, Mike Huckabee, Mraco Rubio and Bush remain the top contenders and now it is being proclaimed that voting for each of them will be considered. Four in the ten voters will vote for Rick Perry and Ted Cruz and one third is sure to consider Scott Walker, Ben Carson and Rand Paul. Among all the candidates, Chris Christie remains the most potential candidate enjoying the large percentage of republicans. However, there are latest 2016 presidential election odds as to who will win the race and follow Barack Obama. The 2016 nomination for the President and Republican appears highly contested and very uncertain. Never has the political history witnessed such odds and unpredictability.

What can be said about the 2016 presidential election odds?

There are many experts who have combed through the unpredictability relating to the latest polls on 2016 presidential election. There are most accurate and up to date odds on Presidential election which is coming up. The betting odds for the forthcoming Presidential election include Rubio, Bush, Paul, Warren and Christie. Americans are now left with the same option as they were at the time of Bush. As per the recent election odds, Hillary Clinton can be the democratic candidate for the American Presidenship. The former lady, Clinton, the US senator, is the favorite of many in the Presidential election of 2016. She has the 5/4 odds which is pretty competitive. Jeb Bush is in the second position having 8/1 odds. It is great to know that if Jeb Bush takes over the office then he would come 28 years after his father was elected.

Who are the other candidates for the presidential election of 2016?

Some of the other top rated candidates include Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Elizabeth Warren and Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio has 11/1 odds, Elizabeth Warren- 14/1 and Chris Christie has 12/1 odds. However, Clinton is being seen as the universal figure and an inevitable candidate. She has nearly beaten the President Barack Obama in the year 2008 with her already extensive resume.

Jeb Bush is far reluctant to discuss whether he will run in the coming two years or not. Bush keeps on proclaiming that the US leaders need to make sure that the people of America are successful. Bush has already bagged a lot of points for the republicans while campaigning in the midterm elections of 2014. No matter what is the 2016 presidential election odds, the Americans always count on the hard work which results in the improved life and higher incomes.

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