How To Select A Tent Rental For Your Outdoor Party

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It’s summer already and hence a good time to invite your friends over and have an outdoor party. It isn’t going to be the same as indoors, just so you know. You need to get a tent from tent rentals if you want to save your friends from getting sunburn.

Here’s how to choose a tent rental for your outdoor party.

Ask your party-animal friends for some quick recommendations

The best way to decide which tent rental you should talk to is through a quick round of recommendations. Like everyone else, you must also be having a small circle of close friends. They are just a call away and you can talk to them about your upcoming event and collect some really useful recommendations. Even in your circle, try asking someone who parties more often than others. That person will surely be able to recommend you more than one tent rental and you could hence have a choice.

Check if they can provide your desired size

Once you are done with seeking recommendations, you should start enquiring the rentals about the kind of services they provide. One of the most important and absolutely unignorable things about a tent is its size. Remember, your site or venue is going to determine the size of the tent. You should confirm that the rental company is able to provide you a tent with just the right size. Also, don’t make any mistake whilst taking the measurements. It’s much better to call a professional from one of those rental companies to get the spot properly measured.

Pick a particular tent style. Choose a rental that specializes in your desired style

Getting a style that suits your backyard or the venue you booked is another tough job. It is really crucial to lean towards the most fantastic tent style as it is sure to set your outdoor party on fire. Therefore, skimming through a variety of tent styles and finalizing one is the next thing you got to take care of. Here’s a bunch of most common tent styles that you can choose from:

Pole tents: If you like those camping style tents, you should surely get some of these. If your friends like to have a brief stay whenever they’re invited, these tents are going to prove to be the best.

Sailcloth tents: These tents are usually ordered for a large number of guests. They might not look as fancy as the rest of their contemporaries but they surely provide shelter from the sun especially when it’s shining too bright. You can even hang some chandeliers to make it look all the more flawless.

Frame tents: These are the prettiest and the fanciest of all the tents. Anyone who wants a picture-perfect outdoor party is surely going to give preference to these tents.

Canopy tents: These look very pretty even though you don’t need workers from any tent rental company to fix them. They are DIY tents which simply means you don’t need external aid to fix them. You can try your hand at it if you are a bit crafty.

Victorian tents: If you are eager to have a classic outdoor party, you should totally go for these Victorian tents.

Remember, you can totally do it yourself too

If you feel like doing everything yourself, rest assured, you can. There’s nobody stopping you from that. From food to decor & from tenting to hosting — everything else can be done with a personal touch. Especially if it’s going to be a small party with only close friends coming, you can certainly risk it. You can order a canopy tent and get it fixed by yourself. So, if you really want to save money on something, you should know this is where you get a chance.

Try a company that allows you to pick your tent yourself

Another great trick for saving money is to pick the rented tent yourself. Any party rental Northern VA company would charge you a few extra bucks for home delivery, so to say. If you have a van that can shift luggage from one place to another, or else, if your car’s trunk is big enough to carry the load, you should surely go and pick it yourself instead of relying on the delivery men.

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