5 Things Your Real Estate Agent Will Never Tell You

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When you set out to find a real estate agent, there are many things that you should explore about the real estate companies before hiring their services. It is so important to remember that to find a real estate agent you need to a have a complete insight into the services they have the potential to offer to you. However, the behavior of agents is often confusing. Ever wonder why so? It is because when find a real estate agent for house hunting or selling services, there are many things that the real estate agent does not want you to know about! Want to find out the top things your real estate agent don’t want you to know about? Read ahead to find out!

  1. You Can Make Sale Directly Yourself

When you are selling a house it is held mandatory to hire professional real estate agent services in order to proceed with the sales. There is little truth to this self-proclaimed fact but does your agent want you to know this? No. They always want you to believe that you cannot do anything on your own and will need them always during the sales and purchase processes.

  1. You Are Paying At Least 30% Extra Cost

When you are hiring an agent to sell or buy a new property you are actually paying at least 30 to 40 percent additional to the actual cost of the property. Always remember that the 30% is actually the commission of the agent which could be saved if you tackle things on your own but the agent doesn’t tell you that!

  1. The Commission Is Never Fixed

Most agents work by the rule that you will have to pay a certain percentage of the total cost of property such as 30 percent of the total price to them. The commission is depicted to be fixed but is it really? The commission is never fixed and always negotiable.

  1. The Property Will Have No Re-Sale Value

When you are buying a new house, it is important to remember that it should have resale value i.e. liquidity. You cannot know that on your own and of course you will need expert guidance to find a property that has resale value. The agent might not tell you about the resale value or reveal it truly to you just for the sake of selling the property or closing a deal at a given point of time.

  1. It’s Not Pet Friendly

Are you looking for a pet-friendly house? Your pet could be very precious for you and why not! The little friend deserves to get a home just as comfortable and secure as your other family members. But real estate agent might not tell you that the house you are buying is not designed pet friendly. This you will only find out when you purchase the property and that is when it gets too late.

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