A Traveler’s Guide To Buying Rugs

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When you come back home after a tour from some country, you would certainly want to give people something, and just so you know, a handmade traditional rug can be an excellent souvenir.

Here’s everything you need to know before buying a rug from some far-off land.

Know The Difference Between A Handmade Rug And A Machine-Made Rug

For a reason not too clear, machine made rugs are not given as special a treatment as handmade rugs. Handmade rugs are almost always considered worth a tremendous applause and there are masses running after them crazily.

When you’re at a local rug shop in some country of your choice, you have to be very considerate of the fact that you buy a handmade traditional rug. Many shopkeepers and sellers dupe their customers into buying a totally run-of-the-mill rug that isn’t worth a king’s ransom at all.

A Traditional Rug Has 120 Knots A Square Inch, Or More

You need to do some research on traditional rugs before you go out to buy them. Caution is better than being bamboozled into buying something unworthy of your money. Take some time out, and read a couple of articles on Google elucidating the intricacies of rug material.

How a rug is knotted is an extremely important point. Not all the rugs get knotted in the same fashion, they are more often than not given variations. Note to yourself, a handmade rug has got at least 120 knots per square inch while it turns out totally different for a machine-made rug.

On a side note, don’t forget to see a couple of pictures showing how a handmade rug is different from a machine-made rug.

Test The Fiber To Know If It’s Original

There’s a test for most fabrics called the ‘burn test’ and it helps you find out whether the material is original or not. Study the pros and cons of this test with diligence and then carry it out with the consent of the seller.

If the seller is selling an artificial or close-to-original fabric, he might try and call you a fussy buyer but do not get carried away with his brickbats. Just do what you’re obliged to do.

Figure Out Whether It’s A Natural Dye Or An Artificial Dye

Okay, you might be taken aback to know that there’s variety in dyes too. Authentic oriental rugs go great with natural dyes, so you have to save yourself from falling prey to swindlers and insincere sellers selling rugs relying on fraudulent ways.

Among natural dyes, you would find:

  • Blue from indigo plant
  • Henna orange
  • Yellow gallnut black
  • Dried insects
  • Hollyhock purple
  • Pomegranate yellow

Traditional rugs look best with natural colors, therefore, try to keep this thing in your consideration during shopping. You just need to be a little keen and you will surely hunt it down.

Countries You Can Buy These Rugs From
  • Iran is a country these traditional rugs originate from; they are the pioneers. There’s a reason why Persian rugs are so pricey and comparable to none.
  • Pakistan is located in Southeast Asia and is best known for its handmade/handwoven rugs. There are so many hard-working craftsmen in this country who prepare rugs for peanuts.
  • Turkey is yet another country offering amazingly handcrafted rugs. One of their most reliable exports is their handmade rugs which speak volumes about their traditional values.
  • Morocco has several tribes making a plethora of rugs which help their country’s economy run at a decent pace. Their rugs are so loved for the unique geometric patterns they come with.
  • Romania is a small country with very limited sources of economic stability. They sell one of the best rugs in the world which accelerate their country’s financial growth.
  • China has rugs deep-seated in their culture, hence, they not only manufacture but export them in abundance too.
Do Not Forget To Bargain. Don’t Just Give Your Hard-Earned Money Away So Carelessly

There are so many sellers who double their prices when they see a traveler from some foreign country. It’s good to be kind and cordial with people of the country you’re visiting, but do not be coerced into paying a huge sum of money for something like a rug. They’re very cheap in countries they hail from.

Hence, when you go to rug stores Northern VA, do not shy away from bargaining for a reasonable price. You are a rational human being and haggle like one.

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