6 Harmless Secrets Hair Stylists Won’t Tell You

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When you visit your hair stylist, you may engage yourself in deep elaborate conversation with the hair stylist. Sometimes, it feels good taking them for a therapist, but do they really want to be treated that way or are they just listening to your ongoing rant and drama to get a good tip out of you. You never know. You go to a Brazilian blowout salon with your hair uncombed and dirty, assuming that the hair stylist will fix that part, but do they really want to though? Hair stylists, like every other person has secrets hidden up in their closet that they have kept discreet and wouldn’t tell you about. Maybe they find letting their secrets out in the open against their moral principles or they simply don’t want to ruin the professional relationship they have with their clients. Whatever the reason might be here are just a few secret that hairstylists won’t tell you.

They Would Like You to Be More Specific

Your hairstylists would actually prefer for you to be more specific with what is it that you want them to do to your hair. If you want hair straightening, tell them a specific type like Japanese hair straightening. Don’t just make an appointment and ask them to experiment and feel free to do whatever that would suit you. You might not like it.

Tips Matter

It is true that every salon is different from another based on the level of expertise of the staff. And you tip them taking into account their professionalism and their performance. But if you feel they have genuinely put in effort into your hair styling and you don’t tip them accordingly, you shouldn’t be expected with the same courtesy as before. If you tip them more however, you have a very likely chance to become their favorite client.

They Know Their Clients’ Discontent Towards Bleach

The word “bleach” gives of a very chemical like feels, and no one is naïve enough to not realize that chemicals are extremely harmful, especially with continuous exposure to your hair. To spare you from the cringe hairstylist often uses words like lighteners or decolorizers, in truth they are really just bleach.

Weekends Are the Worst Days to Make an Appointment

Of all the days, weekdays are probably the worst days to set your appointment with your hairstylist. People have parties to go to, events to attend etc. and mostly hairstylists’ weekends are packed with customers. Setting your appointment on that day might put you on a risky situation as they would have too much on their plates already. Hairstylists are just as human as anybody else, and a lot to deal with at a time can overwhelm and day if it’s not that important then better if you set your appointment on a weekday.

Discounts on Getting Your Hair

What hair salons won’t tell you is that they offer a certain amount of discount when a client needs more than one styling-type done. For example, oftentimes clients typically want to get a haircut as well as hair dying done at the same time. Always ask if they are offering a discount to get both done at the same time. There is a very likely chance that they are.

Dry Your Hair Completely First Before Using A Hot Tool

Your hairstylist haven’t told you this already primarily because you haven’t asked. But always make sure to dry off your hair completely before letting a hot tool touch you hair. They can rip off the moisture off your hair and leave them limp and damaged.

Wash Your Hair Before Coming In To Get Your Hair Styled

Hairstylists do not enjoy working with hair that has grease and dirt in them. You might have heard that two days or so hair after a wash helps hair held together. In truth, you hairstylists would rather you come in with you hair clean and combed.

They Are Not Very Keen On Cutting Hair with Lice in Them

People come in asking for a pixie cut to get rid of lice in their hair. Hairstylists simply find it disagreeable and would rather you keep your hair clean and get a haircut when you want a new hairstyle.

So, whether you’re visiting hair salons specializing in color Rockville or any other specific salon, being aware of the above secrets won’t hurt.

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