Things You Need To Know About Japanese Hair Straightening

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Japanese hair straightening is a technique that allows your hair to be straightened permanently, using chemical and heat treatments. Also known as thermal reconditioning, you shouldn’t do it unless you are absolutely sure that you want that particular look since it doesn’t work for everybody and reversal is impossible. Here are the steps to the entire process.

Consult before you try it

Before you decide to get Japanese straightening for your hair, consult a professional stylist. The stylist will then analyze your hair and provide you with advice or more accurately, a professional opinion on the issue. If you can, avoid DIY Japanese straightening at all costs and have a qualified professional stylist do it for you.


The next step is the cleaning of your hair. A shampoo is used to thoroughly clean out your hair. The main intent of the thorough cleaning is the removal of residual chemicals that might be in your hair, such as from other styling processes and hair care. The presence of other chemicals in your hair might affect the process and make it less effective. After shampooing and cleaning your hair extensively, it is then partially dried.

Chemical treatment

This is the part where the actual Japanese straightening really starts. A special Japanese hair relaxer is applied to your hair. The Japanese hair relaxer is a specialized chemical that weakens the hair allowing for permanent straightening using heat. A strand test should be administered to evaluate the extent of the relaxer’s effect. The hair is then rinsed, conditioned and heat protection cream is applied. Conditioning is optional as it might affect the results.

Heat treatment

After the chemical treatment weakens the hair, heat treatment is used to straighten it permanently. Heating irons are used and they must be set to a specific temperature. Using too much heat destroys the hair while using too low heat makes the process ineffective. Ironing out your hair could take as long as up to 8 hours so you should be well prepared for that.


This is where a neutralizing solution is used on the hair to cancel out the effects of the Japanese hair relaxer. Rinsing and conditioning follow soon after, though conditioning is an optional process.

Final heat treatment

Here, you can use a hair straightening iron or blow dry. The hair is straightened out one last time to make sure that the treatment takes.


Japanese hair straightening allows your hair to look sleek and professional hair straightening salon rockville md with the added benefit of a reduction in the amount of time spent styling your hair each and every morning. Keep in mind that as your hair grows, you will need to touch it up and undergo Japanese hair straightening yet again.


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