How To Balayage Dark Hair To Blonde?

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Balayage is a rare combination of ombre and highlights, people love this hair color technique so much because of the variety it offers. People often try to grasp as to how dark hair can be turned into blonde when they go to a balayage salon. Here’s how it can be done.

Don’t go too rough. Make sure your skin is safe from any sort of damage

Do not start balayaging your dark locks in the spur of the moment. Be well prepared before you take any step. Wrap a towel around your shoulder to save yourself and your clothes from getting dirty. Make sure the hair stylist giving you a balayage has his hands gloved.

Pour all the bleach out into a non-metallic bowl

Secondly, take out the bleach in a plastic bowl, and stir it constantly until the consistency is according to how you want it. Even if it isn’t a plastic bowl, make sure it doesn’t have to be a metallic bowl either.

Use a high number developer as it is most likely to paint your hair lighter

Consider adding a 40 volume developer if you want the color of your hair to be as light as possible. There are other options too, for instance, 10, 20, and 30. In case you refuse to choose the highest volume developer, there’s a very minute chance for your dark locks to go blonde.

Tie a bun leaving your bottom-most locks untied

Your hair has to be tied up; be it in different parts or in a bun. Just consider a few locks at the bottom and separate them from the rest of your hair using hair clips or anything else. Note, the volume of each of the sections should be miniscule.

Divide these bottom-most locks into further three sections in a horizontal way

Once you tie all your hair leaving bottom layers behind, you gotta divide those layers horizontally into further three sections. Each section should have the equal volume of hair. Remember, it has to be done taking every tiny detail into consideration.

Paint the sides and bottom of each section carefully

Once you have sorted three sections out of the bottom locks, you gotta start painting each one of them with painstaking detail. Remember, you cannot start painting from the very top, it’s against the ethos of balayage, you have to start from the center. There should be lengthy strokes of brush on the very sides of each section.

Prefer to apply more bleach on the center of each section

The bleach applied on the center of each section should look thicker as compared to that of the sides. Give it a number of feathery strokes so that it gets deeper in the center for getting perfect balayage hair highlights.

Wrap it up using an aluminium foil or anything of similar nature

Don’t wait for all of them to be colored, once a section gets painted, cover it then with an aluminum foil. In case you are running short of an aluminum foil you can use something else that would be good enough to do the job.

Loosen the bun and take out more sections of hair and redo it

You don’t get done after coloring the bottom most layers, you gotta get more sections out of the bun to paint. Do another round of three sections in a horizontal order, and repeat until you’re good to go.

Never paint the underside of any of those sections

Here’s a very important thing to note: you are never supposed to stroke the brush underneath a section of your hair. It’ll go all wrong otherwise. You’re meant to steer clear of any such blunder that has the potential to ruin your blonde-balayage.

Leave it to process for at least 5-15 minutes

After you’ve colored all that you wanted, let it sink in for a couple of minutes. Everyone’s hair responds differently to the bleach, so there’s no hard and fast timing that you have to follow. You can take your own sweet time until you feel it’s done.

Use a pre-mixed purple/blue shampoo to rinse it off

After you leave your hair with the bleach for a litany of minutes, you gotta wash it off with a premixed purple/blue shampoo. Once you get your hair dried, you are all set to flaunt your blonde-balayage. Make sure you chose the perfect balayage services so the effects remain for a longer period of time. hypno

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