What Are The Worst Kitchen Countertop Materials You Should Steer Clear Of

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Adding new countertops to your kitchen is often the finishing touch for most kitchen renovation projects. Merely adding countertops while keeping the rest of the kitchen plain can certainly transform your area. While you might have already heard about the benefits of granite and quartz kitchen tops, today we will be compiling a list of the few materials that you should avoid on your renovation spree. Morse often than not, the cons outweigh the pros, and compared to their counterparts, they require frequent replacements and are not worth the investment or the hassle they bring with the installation. Keep reading to find out more:

Tile Countertops

Known as a popular and affordable variant often a replacement to marble or granite, tile countertops are super popular but are they actually worth it? Well, tile countertops are the worst investment that you will make, and it all comes to hygiene issues associated with them. More often, the grout between adjacent tiles can become filthy and nasty. It’s often harder to clean and looks disgusting even after frequent washes. Apart from that, crumbs and other food stuff can get quickly dislodged in the grout spaces making the area almost impossible to clean. Unless you want a non-hygienic, high maintenance countertop, you should steer clear of tile.

Laminate Countertops

There are 2 types of laminate variants available on the market- pre-set Formica and sheet laminate. The sheet laminate is often cheaper, but requires a hefty investment in the name of installation charges. In some areas, the costs can go as high as buying a whole stone countertop, which is well worth the investment. Other than that, sheet laminates often wear out overtime and the edges can quickly fray out. Frequent chippings are a common occurrence, and you will not be able to match the worn-out laminate.

Concrete Countertops

Known for its stony rustic appeal, and the industrial flair it gives off, concrete has risen to popularity amongst homeowners looking for a kitchen revamp. But wait, it has a few negatives to it. Just like normal concrete on the sideways and walkways, concrete countertops are prone to breakage and chipping. Unless you seal the surfaces adequately, concrete is very porous, which means overtime, grime and food particles will accumulate in the pores making the countertop unhygienic and dirty. This is we deduce concrete as both impractical and high maintenance on the list.

Butcher Board Countertops

Known as the perfect element to add warmth to the kitchen, wooden and butchertop countertops are elegant and reasonably priced in the stuff they have to offer. But listen, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Just like any wooden surfaces, your beautiful countertops will overtime accumulate signs of damage. Whether it’s a spilled gravy, a hot pan surface or marks from your sharp knives, be prepared to witness the worn-out texture of your countertops. Other than that, wooden countertops require frequent oiling to keep the wood shiny and lustrous, that adds to the maintenance woes.

Marble Countertops

Although marble countertops are easily the most lavish and visually appealing countertops to invest on, they certainly come with their own set of cons. For starters, marble is not as durable and heat resistant as granite and other variants. They can be the perfect bathroom counters, but when it comes to tossing pots and pans and placing hot items in the kitchen, you are bound to ruin your countertop. Marble is notorious for chips, scratches and breakages. If you tend to cook a lot, we recommend steering clear of marble at all costs and choose granite countertops instead.

Stainless Steel Countertops

While stainless steel looks visually appealing and stylish, it is much more expensive and requires a hefty amount of maintenance and care to avoid smudges, dents and scratches on the surface. If you’re an occasional cook looking for decent options within a modest price range, perhaps steer clear of stainless steel.

If you are looking for best countertop material for your kitchen go for other quartz or granite countertops. Moreover, with quartz, you don’t even have to worry about sealing as it is non-porous material. You can inquire more from granite companies Rockville for price as there are many types and qualities of both granite and quartz countertops.

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