Corian vs Granite Countertops – What’s The Difference And Which One Is Better

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The choice for the best countertop surfaces extends far beyond granite countertop companies (which is unlikely to ever go out of style). Corian is a nonporous synthetic surface that is specially manufactured by the DuPont. From durability, aesthetic appeal and appearance to the maintenance, functionality and installation required, both countertops differ in many ways.

What’s the Difference between Corian and Granite Countertops?

The granite countertop companies refine natural stone that is extracted from the earth and contains minerals like biotite mica, feldspar and quartz mainly that ensures its durability. On the other hand, Corian is a man-made material composed of high-quality acrylics and natural minerals.

 Countertop material comparison

  1. Porosity and Resistance Abilities

According to granite installers, the granite countertops are not particularly easy to damage due to its natural porosity, durability and solid rock body but it is more porous then synthetic countertop materials.

Similarly, Corian can be fabricated to achieve a seamless look and is nonporous. It has a long life span and is also stain-resistance and easy to repair.

  1. Durability and Stability

With scratch resistant features, granite stands firm against heat and cracks as applauded by granite installers. You can easily chop your vegetables and fruits on the counter without causing any severe scratches or damage. It is one of the hardest natural elements in the world so you can be rest assured it won’t get damaged easily. The exception is for highly acidic food or spills that can stain the stone and ruin its look completely. Moreover, it can bear a lot of heat without damaging. Apparently, it can take 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit of heat before it damages.

While, on the other hand, Corian is not quite scratch resistant, but scratches and can be removed. Unlike graphite, it is not heat resistant but can tolerate below 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, they are likely to lose coloration if exposed for longer durations to high temperatures.

As mentioned earlier that Corian countertops are not scratch resistant, they can acquire scratches when colliding with sharp objects and during direct use of knife for cutting food.

  1. Variability and Appealing Range

The granite countertop companies make different shades that are appealing to your eyes. With varying shades and colors ranging from greys, greens and browns to creams and reds, the mineral speckles are incredible and appealing to eyes. The granite installation helps you to achieve a unique look of your house that no one other material can give. Granite is unique and that uniqueness also means less color choices compared to other synthetic materials.

Corian, on the other hand, is available in more variety and colors. Ranging in over 100 different colors, patterns and textures, it suits best with modern day interior art fashion statement. It is synthetic so versatility is one thing you can be sure of. It can mimic any material like wood and stone and comes in all kinds of patterns and colors.

  1. Health-Related Facts

Granite contains naturally-occurring radioactive elements and as like any other radioactive element, it may decay over time to release a gas, radon, that has no color or smell. Radon is linked to lung cancer. Also, radon, if exposed for longer duration is a carcinogenic substance. Moreover, it harbors bacteria over time due to its porous nature.

Corian is Greenguard certified. It means that it meets all the emission standards for the hazardous air pollutants and the volatile organic compounds. It doesn’t cause any kind of allergy or toxicity. Talking about the bacterial harbor, being non-porous, Corian offers a very hygienic surface as any spills are easy to wipe off.

So, Which One Is Better?

If you’re looking for something that blends well with your house, Corian is a perfect choice. Also, it is non-pour and resistant to bacteria which makes it a valuable choice for hospitals and laboratories too other than normal kitchens.

With its bacterial resistance and non-porous nature, it is a convenient countertop surface for residential and office kitchens, and also for medical use like in hospitals and laboratories. To achieve aesthetic appeal, it can be integrated with other materials.

Homes with granite installation have a higher resale value. If you hire any of the reliable granite installers rockville md, you can get countertops that are durable and have a long life. Granite countertop requires maintenance and is expensive though and can chip or break with the impact of heavy objects.

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