Troubleshooting An Induction Cooktop

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Induction cooktops have been around for a while. People get them installed due to various reasons. To begin with, it cooks your food faster and is more energy-efficient. However, like many other kitchen appliances, you may need cooktop repair from time to time depending on your usage. Therefore, if you are facing some problems with your induction cooktop give this blog a read to troubleshoot your problems.

Position And Pan Compatibility

The most common problem with induction cooktops is that they tend to be very fickle. Since the induction cooktops use an electromagnetic field to heat only the pan, it needs a compatible pan that is magnetic to work with it. Therefore, if you thought that your old pans would serve the purpose that is not the case. Since there is a difference in the material. For instance, cast iron, which consists of iron, is magnetic. Therefore, iron pans will be compatible. Some stainless steel pans will work as well but not every time. It depends on the materials used to make them. In addition to that, other pans that are made of aluminum and copper will not be compatible at all.

The easiest way to check whether there is a problem with the pan of your choice is by sticking a magnet to it. If the magnet sticks to the stovetop, then it means that the pan is compatible. Unfortunately, the pan’s compatibility is not the only problem. If the size is not appropriate and the pan happens to be hanging to one side, it will fail to heat up properly.

The Induction Cooktop Lacks Power

For an induction cooktop to work properly, it needs constant power. Since it needs to create and maintain the electromagnetic field, a constant stream of power is essential. Furthermore, if the cooking surface is receiving power, a light will illuminate to keep you informed. Additionally, most induction cook stoves have touch controls that will illuminate upon pressing the buttons. Therefore, this is another way of knowing that the stove is receiving power.

If you observe that the lights are not illuminating, you will need to check the power source. It might be that the breaker has tripped. Moreover, check the wires for any damages. If rats or mice are living in your house, they will chew the wires and damage them.

Once you have inspected the wires and power source, next comes the copper coils and the wiring under your induction stove. However, this process will require removing the cooktop and for that, it is suggested that you call an appliance service. The key here is not to save some money but to prevent further damage.

Lock Mode Is Turned ON

Some induction cooktops feature lock mode. This feature is installed to prevent kids from playing around with the cooktops. Even if there is no pan on the stove, turning on the induction stove and playing with the touch panels will still utilize electricity. For this reason alone, induction stoves come up with some sort of a control lock function. If it is turned on, there will be a sign indicating that it is. If the stove is locked, hold the lock button down for a few seconds and then try turning on the stove. It shall make some sort of a sound and the light should go off as well.

However, if it still fails to function then you might want to call a professional. Induction stovetops are complicated machines as compared to other household appliances. Fixing them is not an easy job. Try doing a hard reset is possible.

Coils Have Gone Bad

Since induction cooktops use coils to produce heat, it might be that they are damaged or have simply served their time period. Removing them is an easy job but you would want to be careful not to break any sensitive components. Try turning the stove on. Hopefully, it will work.

Final Word

Repairing a cooktop is not economical. Therefore, we would suggest leaving the repairs to household appliance repair Fairfax experts. However, compare the repairing costs with the new units available in the market. If the difference is negligible, then opting for a new induction stove will be a wise option.

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