Things You Didn’t Know About Tents for Your Wedding

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Today, creative tent rentals designers in wedding rental company can construct not just tented ballrooms, but also further structures such as anterooms, entrances, walkways, and rotundas to home various components of your reception.

Here are 5 other things you might not have known about tents, a structure that can permit you to host at the wedding just about anywhere:

Tents permit you to include a virtually unlimited number of chambers

You might make an anteroom to showcase your wedding cake at the entry to your main tent. You could include a tented open-air cigar lounge, filled with chairs and sofas, to your reception. A smaller tent may be used to home portable toilets to make them more amazing.

A tent is not a canopy

A tent, with a center pole and a framework, is different from a canopy, which has side poles but no middle pole. The benefit of working with a tent is that the ceiling is much superior.

Right flooring will safeguard and comfort your guests

If the ground beneath your tented place is wet or uneven, consider laying a subfloor that can then be covered with wall-to-wall carpeting, parquet, sisal or turf carpeting. If wetness may be an issue but you don’t wish to incur the expense of installing a subfloor, your wedding rental company can cover the ground with huge plastic and lay carpeting on top of that.

Your tent can be disguised

Even though tents are constructed of a malleable material, you can include inset interior wall and windows panels so it can look almost like a powerful building. Even the top ceiling of a tent provides you the option of swagging it with fabric or hanging chandeliers.

Definitely, if you select not to decorate the interior of the tent, ask your rental firm to wrap the metal tent poles in fabric or plastic, which improves the look of the space inexpensively.

When hiring tent rentals dc, you will be needed to provide a number of details used to calculate the best size and type of tent for your wedding. For example, if you need to rig the tent on a tar or cement, you will need a frame marquee and not a pole marquee or peg. The number of guests you guess to attend and how you plan to seat them is also vital, as this will affect the area needed. Remember to talk this with the expert consultants who will be capable of advising you on space rightly.

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