2016 democratic presidential polls

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The US believe in the term democracy and hence like many other democratic countries, it has its 2016 democratic presidential polls next year. Next year in the month of July, DNC will come together to get its presidential election done to select one for the nation. Now the interesting thing will be to check who will be the next capable person to take the place of the current president Barrack Obama.

The DNC convention is said to take place at the Wells Fargo center of Philadelphia. The two parties fighting for the presidential chair are the Democratic Nation Convention and the Republic Nation Convention.

About the party – DNC

This is known to be the stronger party among the two that are the part of the presidential polls in America. DNC or the Democratic Nation Convention was established in the year 1794. They are known to be strong because they are clever and hence have always taken the support of various financially strong corporate personalities and others. These people can easily fund for the campaigning of the candidate who is taking part in the presidential election.

Not only strong but also the DNC is known as much smarter than the Republic on grounds of a number of reasoning and other factors. Though, at times, it can be seen that they are mirroring the thoughts of the Republic, but still they are way ahead. One of the very important factors of the DNC is that they have always thought and reasoned logically and fairly as they consider everyone in America to be equal.

The candidates of DNC

Three candidates who are taking part in the presidential poll for the year 2016 are Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Lincoln Chafee. Hillary Clinton is no doubt one of the most famously known personalities of US. She started he election campaign from 12th April through an online video.


Lincoln Chafee has served US senate as the 74th governor from the year 1999 to 2007. For the election of 2016, he has launched his campaign on 3rd of June this year. But on the other hand, the third candidate Joe Biden has not yet started his campaign. He was in the run of presidential polls in the year 2008 and was defeated only by 1% vote.


Hence, this time there are some of the renowned and important personalities who are contesting. With such personalities, it will be interesting to see how these people compete in the DNC polls.

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