Sweet 16 party ideas for boys

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sweet 16 boys party

“No pink, and no blink”this is the taglines of any sweet 16 boys party. And this reaction is obvious because there are so many great ideas and attractive themes available for girls all around the corner but when boy’s turn comes, situation is just reverse. We should not forget that just like girls, boys too are excited for this memorable day and we have no reason to spoil it.

Starting with personalized invitation card, one can feature his son’s photo as some stunt-man or dream of his job. A dully passport or driving license can also be worth rewarding.

Decorate your party

Selecting a proper color for party is obviously a tough task. You can go with your son’s favorite color. If you are still clueless then the safest way is to go for purple or blue and avoiding pink at any cost. Decorate your party area with lots of that special color and complementing flowers. A napkin, plates and return gifts with his name written over it and beautifully clubbing of attractive chairs, photo frames with lighting can be very appealing for your big boy.

Planning a party

Planning a party is stressful and can be frustrating at times, especially a Sweet 16 party for boys! Coming up with right theme is further stressful. Some of the ideas which always rock among boys is party associated with trill and joy. To do this, you can go for pool party theme if you have pool backyard, Casanova theme based party, allowing your child to enjoy all night, casino night with props and cards, baseball playground theme with your son’s favorite team color T-shirts for him and his friends, Hollywood style with decorative costumes and mask. To add more thrill you can go for some local’s comedians, or magicians. But don’t go over the top as these are boys and they definitely not tolerate anything that leaves them embossing about. It’s always good to discuss few things before formalizing it.

DJ services

Another attractions that can be engaging is DJs or great musicians. Or allow your smart kid to play with chords and present great music for his day with the help of DJ services.

LED dance shows are also big hit these days, as event planners strive to find that special acts and unique performers that are amazing and have added ‘wow factor’. One can go with local dance performers if you have sufficient budget to support it.

Last but not the least a great food and cokes can add magical tough to your child’s party.

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