Human Hair Extensions – European Vs. Indian

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Looking for the hottest human hair extensions? Well, it would be the perfect combination of textures, colors, and the right length. Movie stars and top level celebrities prefer using hair extensions as a part of the beautification process. Hair extension is probably the easiest method to improve the appearance of your hair without being artificial. There are basically three ways in which these extensions are attached to the hair: Glued, Sewed On, and Clipped.

Benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions are the best way to provide a glamorous outlook. Quality of hair extension plays a major role in the process since it helps in determining what type of look will be achieved and for how long can it be retained. Anyone planning to wear the extension for over a month or so, the best quality product needs to be purchased. Although pricing is definitely a big issue to consider, still, it is necessary to look for the best quality to retain the natural look.

Short term solutions

If it is for some party events, then artificial hair extensions are better choices. They are made from synthetic substances. They are available in bright colors and promises to be extremely cheap in pricing. Right after the first wash extensions will lose their shine. They will also get damaged when exposed to high heat like curling irons and blow dryers.

European and Indian hair extensions

There are many salons offering European hair extensions. If 100% genuine, then these extensions last for a longer time range and can be managed easily. However, it is difficult to find 100% genuine European hair. Most often, these extension feature Indian hair. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the exact source before purchasing the extension from the salon. A reputed salon will never bluff the client regarding the type of extensions and materials being used. However, it is always better to be on the safer side. As far as Indian hair extensions are concerned, the hairs are mostly processed with wool to make them thicker in terms of appearance. You can easily perm and color the hair.

This type of a hair is usually coated with a certain layer of silicone. It can be worn for a period of three to four months on a continuous basis. Length of the extension is primarily responsible for the overall costing. The quality also matters along with the type of brand that manufactures the extension.

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