How to recover from a hair transplant surgery?

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Hair transplant surgery is a major life changing decision. But the good thing is that it is also painless and risk free. However, the recovery period after the hair transplant is surely a challenge and can be a little terrifying if you are not aware of what to do and what to avoid. If you are clueless about what to expect from your recovery period, you are at the right place.

Tips to recover from hair transplant surgery quick

The following tips will help you understand what your recovery period will be like.

Refrain from washing your hair right after your surgery

This is something your doctor will also probably notify you about. You should never wash and shampoo your hair immediately after your surgery. This goes for using any other hair products or heat on your hair as well. Avoid blow drying, and hair straightening for at least 2-3 years of the surgery. Normally you should be able to wash, and blow dry your hair without any worries after a week or so of surgery. However, follow the instructions provided by your doctor and only start washing your hair when recommended. Don’t forget to be prepared for more appointments with your doctor after the surgery and keep checking in with your recovery.

Get involved in less strenuous activities and relax more

Although there is not much to worry about when it comes to hair transplant and the recovery period after it, it is sure a good thing to be extra careful. While the recovery period after a hair transplant is not long, it is a good thing to avoid vigorous activities and relax instead. This is especially for the first week after surgery that you should rest more and keep your activities to a minimum. Keep in mind that you need to recover properly first. A little safety never hurts!

Sleep in an upright position

This is an extremely important tip. While it may sound a little difficult to do, it is very important to sleep in an upright position or with your head elevated. You can sleep on a recliner chair or use two pillows to elevate your head. This prevents, or at least minimizes the post-operation inflammation as the blood flows away from the scalp. You would also need to avoid bending over or putting your head down. This mostly goes for the first week after your surgery, but you should check in with your doctor constantly even after the first week of your surgery. If you doctor recommends you follow these instructions for more than a week, you should do that as it will only help you heal faster and without any complications.

Follow all the post operation instructions properly

The post operation instructions are given to you for a reason, that is, to help you survive the recovery period with minimum challenges. Therefore, you would need to follow these instructions without any carelessness. Keep checking in with your doctor regarding your recovery and in case you face any problem out of the blue. Also make sure to take your medications prescribed by your doctor regularly without skipping any. These medications help speed up your recovery process and minimizes the irritation and swelling that you may feel otherwise.

Ending note

In case you get swelling or start bleeding after shower, do not panic. Gently apply pressure to the affected area using a gauze. If you do not have a gauze, a moist cloth will work too. Avoid dabbing as it can cause infections. Do not attempt to chemically treat your scalp at this point, or as recommended by your doctor. For the best advice, we suggest you reach out to hair transplant to be on the safe side.

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