How To Choose HVAC System For Office

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Everyone agrees that HVAC systems are a must to have in offices and inside houses. Talking about a commercial building, HVAC systems and HVAC contractors for commercial AC repair greatly differ in opinions and an average layman may get confused with all types of answers.

Here is how to choose HVAC system for your office. Read the following factors to make up your mind.

Types of HVAC Units

Not all HVAC units are same and different offices use different types of HVAC units for different types of reasons.

At basic level, these are the most common HVAC units:

  1. Roof top units – Most common design approach. They are placed in top of roofs and carry their operation via air ducts.
  2. Chillers – Pipes are used to distribute chilled air into an office.
  3. Heat Pumps – catch heat from atmosphere to initiate heating process.
  4. Heaters – Radiant heaters use IR radiation to heat objects while hot air furnaces burn fuel to heat up the air.
  5. Pricing

Money will be involved, whether you are repairing you are calling a commercial AC repair or going for new HVAC systems. The breakdown of pricing depends upon:

  • The products used of a specific company
  • The HVAC contractors who help install HVAC products

If you have technical knowledge, you can buy individual units and then hire 3rd party air conditioning companies.

Alternatively, you can get contractors and units from the same company and companies offer lesser rates for user’s convenience – depends upon what you want to do.

How you place your HVAC system is more important than number of units working inside a HVAC system. Air conditioning companies recommend using HVAC units which are best for your office, in terms of economy, work load, heating and cooling,

Design strategy includes understanding the demographics of an office. Seeing the ducts, windows, floors and people inside an office gives correct estimate to commercial AC repair companies about installing the appropriate amount of HVAC units.

Make sure you have or can install proper ventilation before going for any HVAC system.

In the past, HVAC units were primarily placed on roofs and all the warm and cool air used to come from above the ceiling.

Over time this design got improved and now modern offices have started using under floor air distribution systems, which offer better air quality and are more economical.

The logic behind under floor air distribution systems is to use a diffuser, which is installed under a raised floor. Thanks to science, we know that warm air rises while cold air condenses so this system takes advantage of stratification of air and delivers a better output.

Check the possibility if your office can accommodate an under floor air distribution HVAC system.

Suppose you get a HVAC system of the most famous company. You act impulsively because of hype of a particular company but after installation, you come to know that the units are not cost efficient and are becoming a burden for your company in form of extra monthly expenditure.

There are certain HVAC units although are cheap but it is costly to find their spare parts. Others include having a very complex mechanism, which can only be operated by few people.

Why bother with such problems when you can perfectly avoid them by going for better options?

Do yourself a favor and go for ones which are economical as well as understandable by many people.

In this case, bigger is not better and air conditioning used units are relative to size. Ask yourself:

  1. How much bigger is your office?
  2. How many units should be placed which should neither overcool the temperature nor undercool the environment?
  3. Will you be able to afford all the bills?

So back to square one, it is no point opting for a bigger unit if you don’t have appropriate space. Consult commercial AC repair long island

If you are having difficulty selecting your options, contact professional air conditioning companies. These people are in touch with the latest HVAC technology as well as their job is to install, maintain and repair commercial HVAC units. They can present you a better picture of opting for a particular HVAC system, which would be best for your office.

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