How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner And HVAC System For Summer

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HVAC Repair

According to the AC repair company, if you don’t service your AC before starting it up in the summers then you’ll be looking forward to huge costly complications on the way. After winters, it is natural to assume that your AC won’t be working properly or will be filled up with debris inside. So, it is essential to have it cleaned out. An AC repair near me suggested that I change the filters as well. While everybody doesn’t agree upon this, they certainly do believe that changing filters once after two or three months ensure proper working of the AC.

Preparing Your AC Yourself

If by any chance, you can’t afford an AC repair company then it is essential to clean out your AC yourself. Question is: where and how do you start? Well we can guide you on this matter a bit ourselves:

  1. Outside Unit

First start with the outside unit. Since the outside unit is exposed to the harsh winds and animals and debris so it’s better to check that out. You will find debris there and even if you don’t then clean it out either way. Make sure brush it nicely and sweep and preferably wash it with a wet cloth. Once its spotless then move on to the next.

  1. Filters

Filters should be checked. If they require a large problem then replace them but if they don’t then clean ac out and install them back again.

  1. AC

Clean out the ac, its components and ducts equally. Use a cloth and use wet cloth where you think you can. But clean it out perfectly.

  1. Thermostat

Switch the thermostat to cool and if there is a humidifier available then turn it completely off. Turn on the AC, if it works well and there is no odor or hair or stench coming out of it then it means your filters are clean and if there aren’t any noises coming out of it then it means that your cleaning was a job well done. However, if there are noises coming out and, in some cases, smoke then turn it off immediately and call an AC repair company to take care of it.

Importance of Servicing Your AC

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, keep in mind that the servicing of AC is extremely important. Just Imagine, it has been shut off completely for months, in that period of dormancy, there has been harsh winds flowing, rain pouring down, and extreme cold diffusing all over. Any machine will be affected by such conditions. And an AC is a sensitive machine, one small mistake can destroy something huge which will require you to have it installed again all over. Hence avoid huge complications and before using it for summers, have it cleaned out properly.

An AC repair near me once said that servicing acts like food and exercise for the ac, if you let it be, it’ll become fat and lazy, and won’t do its job right. However, when service is done regularly, it will always be a super fit machine at your service.

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