Does My Old Chimney Need A Liner

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You sit by the fireplace, relaxed in the warm atmosphere, knowing it is safe for you, but is your chimney really safe? How would you know if your chimney is safe for you or not? The answer is simple; if your chimney has a chimney liner then it is safe and if not then you should consider getting a chimney liner installed from a chimney relining service.

In the old days, chimneys did not have liners and hence the reason for home fires and destruction of life and property. In the mid-1960s, it was a rule that all chimneys would have a chimney liner built or installed. If you have a chimney passed down from your ancestors then you should consider getting a chimney liner installed. You would ask why, as the chimney is working from ages and there has been no problem so far. But I would say that if no accident has taken place then you cannot say the same for future and better be safe than sorry.

Why Do You Need A Chimney Liner?

A chimney liner is a lining made of different materials which is installed in the interior part of your chimney or flue. It is also known as a flue liner. It is needed to protect the interior masonry of your chimney and its components. It ensures a proper channel through which the smoke can easily pass and prevents condensation; that it does not allow the smoke to come down the chimney again due to cold air upwards. It is heat protected and this protects the chimney from wear and tear. It also prevents the accumulation of creosote and soot in chimney thus protecting your house from dangerous fires.

Types Of Chimney Liners

There are many types of chimney liners which can be installed in your existing old chimney and provide you advantages.

Clay Liner

This was the most used in the past because it was most affordable. But clay does not retain heat well and gets cracked and damaged in extremely high heat or in severe cold weather conditions. So, they are not durable enough.

Ceramic Liners

These are also known as cast-in place chimney liners. They can be easily made into any shape and then poured for the shape of lining. They can withstand high heat temperatures and provide insulation against creosote, moisture and dangerous gases. However, they are quite expensive and with time when cracks and gaps appear then relining will again be expensive.

Aluminum Liners

These are quite durable chimney liners but cannot stand high heat. They are only suitable for gas furnaces and water heaters and not for burning fireplaces.

Metal Or Stainless-Steel Liners

These are the best and most in demand chimney liners. These are a perfect choice for chimney relining and also for old chimneys that do not have liners installed. They are long lasting and very durable and withstand high temperatures and also protect the masonry of your chimneys perfectly and last you for a long time. Cost and installation of stainless steel chimney liners is expensive but the durability, longevity and other benefits outweigh the cost.

Benefits Of A Chimney Liner For Your Old Chimney
  • The by-products of wood burning are creosote and soot; black tar-like sticky substance that is formed as smoke goes up and cools down. Accumulation of creosote and soot can lead to smoke not going up properly due to obstruction and thus dangerous smoke and gases come down the fireplace in homes. Chimney liner prevents the formation of creosote and soot as compared to the chimney walls.
  • With time, wear and tear occurs which leads to cracks and damage to the masonry of the chimney walls and causes the leakage of warm air and also other dangerous gases and irritants which are dangerous for health. With a chimney liner the chimney walls are protected and safe and corrosion is not caused.
  • The chimney liner creates a proper channel through which the smoke can easily escape the fireplace.

Now you will ask yourself that when do you really need a chimney liner? If you don’t have a liner then you need it ASAP or if your existing chimney liner is getting damaged then you should consider relining by hiring expert chimney contractors Ellicott City.


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