Different types of cranes in the market

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In the world of civil engineering and construction, there are a number of different types of cranes used. Simply put, cranes are heavy equipment movers. These complex pieces of machinery are difficult to operate and require a proper operator.

Of course, different types of cranes are used for different purposes. So, you cannot expect a single type of crane to do all the work. Rather, if you have multiple tasks, then chances are that multiple cranes are required.

Different crane types in the market

In this article, we discuss the various types of cranes available in the market. Note that some cranes are mounted, while others are fixed to ground. However, these are temporary structures that are taken away after the project is completed.

Typically, the crane is controlled by a crane operator who sits inside the cab that moves along with the crane.

Who are crane operators?

Crane operators are the men or women who are responsible of the crane’s operation. Crane operators need to have great knowledge cranes, which allows them to be able to fully operate them.

While some crane operators are trained to operate only a particular type of crane, others are adept at a number of different types. Of course, crane operators get paid well due to their knowledge and ability.

Note that crane operation is not everybody’s cup of tea. Rather, it is a complex task that requires a lot of skill and knowledge.

Under different circumstances, different types of cranes may be used in the industry. These include:

Telescopic cranes

These are the type of cranes that have a boom attached to them. The boom contains tubes, that are inserted into each other. With the help of a hydraulic mechanism, the boom retracts or extends in order to shorten or lengthen the boom.

Mobile cranes

With that, we have mobile cranes also. This is a basic crane type that contains a telescopic boom or a steel truss. This is mounted on top of a mobile platform with wheels or a rail. With that, the boom also features hinges near the bottom.

With the help of hydraulic cylinders or cables, operates can raise or lower the truss/boom very easily.

Truck mounted crane

These cranes are usually mounted on top of a rubber tire truck as a result of which they are very mobile. Furthermore, it also features outriggers to extend horizontally or vertically. The prime purpose of that is stabilization by lowering the center of gravity, when the crane is hoisting materials.

Tower crane

Tower crane gives the highest lifting capabilities and height. As a result of this, they are used for construction of tall buildings. In a way, these are a type of balance crane.

Rough terrain crane

Lastly, we have the rough terrain crane which contains an undercarriage with rubber tires. This type of crane is suitable for off-road usage and also features outriggers. These outriggers often extend both horizontally and vertically for stabilization purposes. This is particularly helpful when a large load is being lifted by the crane.

These cranes are considered to be a single-engine crane. This means that a single engine powers both the undercarriage and the crane mounted on top of it.


So, for your construction work, you can choose either of these cranes. However, make sure that you are choosing the right type of crane. Otherwise, you will simply end up wasting your money away.

If you are confused about the right type of crane for your project, then take to rigging services MD and discuss your case. Chances are that professionals will be able to give you the best advice.

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