Types of Cranes You Should Know About

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If you work in the construction industry or in a factory, then you would surely know about crane companies. Cranes are generally big machine which is used for the lifting and moving of heavy equipment and other heavy machines from place to another. Crane machines are an asset for the construction industry. They help in completing the construction projects a faster and efficiently.

Know about different types of crane rentals

The best option for the construction factory is to go for crane rentals as renting a crane has many benefits rather than buying a crane. When you buy a crane your cost increases, you have space issues, plus you do not get a variety of cranes, also you have train professionals for the crane operations. When it comes to variety, do you know that there are so many types of cranes used in the c construction industry?

Telescopic Crane

This is widely used in the construction industry as it is useful in transferring heavy objects from one place to another. It is shaped like a telescope, which increases in height to move heavy equipment to a high place. They are also used in rescue operations in case of a sudden accident.

Floating Crane

These are mostly used to load and unload ships from the water. Also used to rescue sunken ships. They are mostly used for port and bridge construction. The crane companies provide all types of cranes for construction purposes even the most technical ones.

Mobile Crane

The most commonly used type of crane as it canes hoist itself into any position and gets very close to the heavy object required to move or lift. It can also move from one place to another easily.

Loader Crane

It can be seen from its name that this crane is used to load heavy objects. This crane is fitted with a trailer or large truck and can lift equipment and keep it on the trailer. It has a huge capacity and can withstand extreme weight, and pressure.

Aerial Cranes

These cranes are mostly used to lift objects high up in the sky. They are also known as the sky cranes. These cranes are mostly used in areas where reaching bay land is difficult. They are generally used to move heavy objects into high buildings. Also used in the rescue operations. It is best to go for crane rentals for these type of cranes as it will be a hassle for you to buy and operate.

Rough Terrain Crane

This is the most rented crane from the crane companies washington dc as they are mostly used in road construction and on mountainous terrain. The normal types of cranes cannot be used for road construction. They are specially made for tough terrain and land with rubber types to withstand pressure and rough edges.

All Terrain Crane

This is the type of crane which can be used on all types of terrains, whether it is rough terrain or normal roads. It has more tires than the rough terrain cranes. This is mostly used for loading heavy equipment such machinery, cars, and ships and other stuff and transfer it to specific areas. You should always go for crane rentals for these type of cranes.

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