Designs, Materials and Aesthetic Value of Rugs:

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It is very much interesting to know more and more about the process or making of handmade rugs or oriental rugs. You will get amazing feeling while doing researches over it. Different varieties colors, natural materials, design templates used for it while doing the making of it.

Basic and famous materials used for Rug making:

A thickness and a touch can give the person a specific feeling about the rug. There are soft rugs which has very soft and fine materials in it. There are thick and warm rugs, which have rough and piling materials, which keep them warm and comfortable for the users.

The materials used for it could range from fine and filtered silk threads or raw silk to furry wool to animal skins. All depends upon the tradition, weather, and local creative mind of different places where the rugs are manufactured. Silk rugs are very soft in nature, though few of the rugs, which comprises with animal skins and other material sometime, can be more comfortable and cozy for the user.

Designs and patterns of rugs:

For someone who is entirely new in rug designs would find most of them similar in patterns. While looking for design variation over the rugs there are few things to look for:

  • Different symbols are used for making rugs as the rug makers can intend to design different sorts of rugs for different purposes, a dove sign over a rug symbolizes the sign of peace, butterflies for the happiness, birds like peacocks are also signature as sign of protection. Therefore, it is quite clear with a single rug, different emotion and spirituality is bonded.
  • Many other designs including animals and plants can be notice on the rug decorations.

Colors used in rugs:

The mindset of applying colors is quite the same like the symbols and designs. It has spiritual and emotional values attached with it. Bright colors are used to symbolize glory, happiness and other positive vibes.

Although the regular customers around the world do not always understand their value, for them the quality and the designs are the main priority. Lots of good quality silk rugs shop va, woolen rugs and other forms of oriental rugs are available online. Silk is the symbol of excellence and ecstasy that can only be maintained just by bringing in rugs made of silk to your esteemed home. The costs of such product range from high to low depending on the quality and texture of the product.

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