Cater to your party needs with the wedding tent rentals

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So, you wish to make your wedding reception excellent with the wedding tent rentals. It is not wise to get trapped on the rented hall and on a beautiful evening. There are too many charming and romantic locations to host the magical night. Make your own choices and offer a beautiful evening to your guests. With the tent rental services you can enjoy a lot of flexibility and create the hall of dreams. The tent need not be dark, stuffy and cramped. The tent for rent comes in various sizes and colors. Pair them up with the needed accessories and create the beautiful wedding venue.

What are the different styles of tents you may opt for?

If you are looking for the cost effective tent, you can choose the pole tent. It is lovely and is best suitable for the wedding purpose. The peaks and the romantic wedding swoops are both beautiful and romantic inside out. Allow more space for the ropes and the poles to hold the tent up. You need to include the ten extra feet around and outside perimeter to simply stake the tent. The freestanding clear span tent is another option. It has the basic rectangular shape and comprises the sloped roof. You will find no glide ropes and the interior poles in the clear span tent. The cost is approximately $3200 and it may be installed anywhere you want.

Hiring the tables and chairs

Round tables rentals have become very popular. If you have more than 100 guests in the marriage, you will need 14-6 foot round tables and each table will be rented at $20-25 dollars. The head table will be requiring the two 8 feet of banquet tables which would cost nearly $15 each. For the buffet, you will need four more tables and this will bring the expense to around $72. The chair will be starting at the price of $8 for rent.

The price that is mentioned above will give you just a rough idea. If possible, take up the entire package of party tent rentals to save money. You will really love the romantic and the charming wedding. For the wedding tent rental, you will certainly need the tent, the chairs and the tables. Several other things like the flower vases, centerpieces, bar and catering accessories can be hired. You need to check out the website of the online companies to rent the tent and the wedding accessories.

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