6 Things Your Hairstylist Wish You Knew About Hair Extensions

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When you visit a hair extensions salon for the first time, you will be amazed at all the different types and colors if hair extensions you will see. Hair extensions are made in various colors and come in different lengths and styles. You can easily find the color matching to your natural hair color. They help to add length, layers, and volume to your hair.

Know about human hair extensions

Hair extensions are made from synthetic and artificial hair and there are also human hair extensions.

Human hair extensions look more natural than the synthetic ones. Hair extensions come in 3 kinds:

  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Taped hair extensions
  • Keratin bonded hair extensions

Things to learn about hair extensions

  1. All the Celebrities Have It

Have you ever seen the heavy locks of your favorite celebrity and longer for such hair? Or do you wish to have hair of those in shampoo commercials? Well, the little secret is that these celebrities have visited a hair extensions salon to get their hair extensions. So next time when you envy a celebrity’s hair remember that they have got hair extensions done.

  1. The Hair Collection

Ever wondered where all this real hair is collected from to make human hair extensions? The truth is that these are collected from barber shops and salons and purchased in bulk. The hair for human hair extensions is mostly gotten from India, Mexico, and China. Sometimes people even sell their long hair for a lot of amount.

  1. Clip on Hair Extensions Are Best for Newbies

If you are going for hair extensions the first time then you should always opt for clip on hair extensions so that you can have an idea how they look on you and you can always remove them.

  1. Hair Extensions Are High Maintenance

What you are not told in a hair extensions salon is that your hair extensions will need your extra care, attention and time. If you used to wake up half an hour to get ready for work to get ready, you will need at least an hour to get ready after getting hair extensions. You will have to be extra careful in washing your hair, then detangling and brushing them and then be extra cautious in blow drying or ironing them. You have to be careful not to tug or pull the hair extensions.

  1. You Will Need Extra Products

Your regular hair care products will not work on your hair extensions and you will need to buy additional hair products. You will need to buy a separate shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and serums and also a detangling soft brush.

  1. Good Quality Hair Extensions Do Not Damage Your Hair

When you decide to get hair extensions, always go to a professional and expert hair extensions salon and not the cheap ones. Get good quality hair extensions done as cheap hair extensions can seriously damage your hair and scalp. Also, always get human hair extensions. Good quality human hair extensions Potomac will be a lot more expensive but they will be safe for your hair and will last you a long time.

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