6 Kitchen Countertop Sealing Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Most countertops are made of natural stone which are porous in nature such as marble and granite countertops. If they are not sealed then they can become damaged quickly. Here are some very common sealing mistakes that people can overlook.

Oversealing The Surface

Sealants are compounds which are applied on the surface of natural countertop materials in order to fill up the pores of the rock, to make them water resistant and scratch proof. A sealant needs to be applied meticulously otherwise the application will not look flawless. A very common mistake that people overlook is too much application of sealant to the point where the surface looks virtually slick and shiny. You don’t need a lot of sealant to cover the surface so that it looks slick to the touch. Too much sealant ruins the stone and makes it look weird too.

Polishing Undone Seals

Another mistake that people tend to commit is they polish over the improper sealant. This can be dangerous and can ruin the countertop immediately. The sealant needs to be applied in an even layer throughout the top surface of the rock to make sure that it is not missing any spot. If you polish over the undone rock, which has not been sealed, then it can damage the rock and make it even more brittle and water and other spilling liquids might seep into the rock, weakening it further. So, whenever you want to polish your countertops, make sure that all surfaces are covered with sealant.

Not Sealing Before Polishing

This mistake can cost you a lot. People tend to polish the unsealed stone first and then seal it. This process is wrong in so many ways. Firstly, polishing an unsealed countertop will lead to early damage of the stone and it will weaken over time, and even if you apply the sealant afterwards, the rock will not be strong enough and it will become brittle after some time. Another reason why polishing before sealing is not a good idea is the sealant doesn’t look good on the polished rock. The top surface looks muddy and chalky.

Not Using The Right Cleaning Supplies

It has been advised time and time again, that you should never use abrasive cleaners or detergents on your natural stone countertops. This can lead to an acidic chemical reaction and the rock can dissolve instantly. You might not notice it at first, but after a few days, you will see that your rock has formed indentations or holes on the top surface and this is due to the heavy use of chemical and abrasive cleaners. You should clean the surface of any natural stone countertops with a simple soap and water solution. It will get the job done without any problem.

Using Heavy Duty Tools

For polishing the natural stone, you should never rely on a diamond or carbide sander or polisher. This can be quite harsh and abrasive on the surface. You will end up chipping the material and it will become weak and brittle. Also, for cleaning, nothing abrasive or harsh should be used. Using a soft lint free cloth or a wash cloth is more than enough for everyday cleaning of your countertops. You should never use drilling tools or heavy power tools on your natural stone countertops, otherwise the results can be detrimental.

Improper Application Of Sealant

The way the sealant is applied on the countertop makes all of the difference. The application shouldn’t be sloppy or too thick. It should be done in an even and smooth layer. So, if you can’t do it by yourself, it’s better to hire a professional to do it for you. The main gist of sealant application is quite simple. On a clean, smooth and unpolished countertops surface, you should apply a small amount of primer and then follow with thin coats of sealant. Once the first layer is dry, you can go back and do another layer, if necessary.

There you have it! With these mistakes in mind, you will no longer just overlook these small changes. If you seal a countertop properly, then it will last for years on end. It’s better that you leave it to a granite contractor Rockville because they can install and seal countertops better than most homeowners.

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