Your Best Guide about Hip Replacement Surgery

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If your hip has been damaged by arthritis or injury, you might want to look for a hip surgeon as soon as possible because even a simple movement can be painful. If some walking aids like canes, medications, and physiotherapy do not provide an effective solution, a hip replacement surgery will help you restore your quality of life through improved mobility.

First performed in year 1960, hip replacement surgery has advanced to be an effective and safe procedure. Your damaged hip joint will be replaced with healthy artificial joint. The information below will help you understand what hip replacement surgery is about:

Decide Whether Hip Replacement Surgery is Good for You

The first thing that you must undertake is to discuss with your GP thoroughly about the available options for your condition. If you feel that hip replacement surgery is effective for your needs, you’ll be referred to an orthopedic surgeon for a thorough evaluation. The decision to go with the procedure will be based on the extent of the patient’s immobility, general health, and pain. In these cases, you’ll be advised to proceed with the operation:

  • You are suffering from unpleasant or harmful side effects from hip medications.
  • Reducing pain from glucosamine sulphate or anti-inflammatory drugs is insufficient.
  • Alternative treatments including the use of walking aids or undergoing physical therapy do not deliver adequate relief.
  • Hip pain persists while resting.
  • Hip pain limits you to do daily activities like bending or walking
  • Stiffness in the hip limits you to move or lift your leg.

Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure

Typically, the operation will take several hours to complete. You’ll be admitted to the hospital on the day of the procedure. What happens is that your orthopedic surgeon will get rid of the damaged hip bone as well as cartilage to replace this with a metal, ceramic or plastic joint surface that will restore correct function and alignment of your hip. He or she will select the kind of prosthesis that suits your requirements. All materials used in artificial hip joints include 2 basic components, which are the ball and the socket. The ball is often made with a strong ceramic or metal material and the socket is a durable cup that is made of either metal, ceramic or plastic material. Special surgical cement can be used to fill and secure the gap between the remaining natural bone and artificial joint.

After the Operation (Recovery)

After the surgery, you’ll remain in the recovery room for several hours while anesthesia wears off. The medical staff will monitor the blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. You will be taken to your hospital room where you will stay for several days. Pain medication is often prescribed for you to be comfortable.

Hip replacement surgery woodbridge va may be an effective solution to deterioration or injury that affects your ability to move. Once you listen to your orthopedic surgeon and follow her or his instructions carefully, you have a chance to restore your mobility successfully.

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