What To Know About Different Types Of Commercial Steamers

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A steamer in your restaurant kitchen can open up possibilities for a whole new range of cuisines. But for an investment on such a large scale, getting one is not just a matter of going to the market and picking one. You also need to keep in mind commercial steamer repair costs. Let us guide you through the process.

What is a steamer and how does it work to cook the food with steam?

As the name suggests, a steamer is a device that is used for cooking food with the help of high temperature, or in some cases, pressurized steam. How is that possible, you may ask? For that, we will need to go back to the industrial revolution, and the invention of the steam engine, where it was discovered that steam generated from boiling water is really powerful, and if concentrated to one spot, can be used to get work done. Steamers today use the same logic to transfer heat from the steam and into the food, thereby cooking it in the process.

Why is a commercial steamer a necessity in restaurant kitchens today?

Well, that’s great but why cook using steam when you can do so just as well on a normal stove, am I right? The reason is that cooking food on direct flame often kills most of the nutrients found within. Not only that, because of the uneven application of heat, as well as the inability to control such a source of heat, the same dish can end up being overcooked from one place and undercooked in another. With more and more people looking to switch to healthy eating habits, it makes sense for a restaurant to invest in a steamer.

How many types of commercial steamers are there and why so many?

Like we mentioned previously, the basic concept behind steam cooking is fairly simple. However, in practice, there are a lot of ways to achieve it, each providing something over the previous method, which has led to many different types of steamers being imagined. However, that is not a bad thing at all. After all, the more choices we have, the better it is for consumers, and the higher will be the proliferation of this technology from restaurant kitchens to homes and beyond. But before you jump in to buy one of these, let us educate you about the different types of steamers and what’s so good about them.

The reason why conventional steamers are the most popular choice

Conventional steamers, much like convection ovens, work on the basis of convention to transfer heat evenly to the food. This means that you get the perfect amount of heat throughout the recipe, and with the ability to control precisely how much heat goes where, the possibility of creating the perfect recipe increases.

The convenience and ease of use provided by connectionless steamers

Convention steamers require water to be provided in through an inlet, which means that you will need to lay down special plumbing for it. But with connectionless steamers, there is no such requirement and you can put it anywhere you want. Since water is not inputted from the inlet, you will have to do so manually before every cook.

The low footprint and water refilling required by boilerless steamers

The above steamer gets rid of the water inlet, but one more thing that takes up a lot of space in such an appliance is the boiler. This type of steamer equipment even gets rid of that, leaving only the compartment where the food is steamed. The result: extremely compact footprint, ideal if your kitchen has limited floor space.

The speedy cooking time afforded by pressure operated steamer units

If you really want to splurge on the best steaming technology that money can afford for your restaurant, look no further than pressure operated steamers which can get the job that would normally require hours, to be done within minutes.

The best of both baking and steaming promised with the combi-ovens

These ovens offer both steaming as well as baking function. Kill two birds with one stone.

Which one is the best type of oven to suit your restaurant’s needs?

That is a question that only you can answer best. Armed with the above knowledge, you can now make up your mind as to which variant suits you best. You can also talk with experts and commercial appliances repair Springfield professionals to guide you.

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