What Is The Difference Between Concrete And Fiberglass Swimming Pools

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If you are already convinced about the advantages of having a swimming pool and are thinking of contacting swimming pool builders, the first dilemma that you will run into is concrete or fiberglass. Let us look at both of these in detail so see which is best.

Concrete Pools

To start with, let us consider some of the pros and cons of investing into a concrete built swimming pool:

Pro No. 1 – Concrete Pools Are Highly Customizable In Nature

Concrete allows for practically any idea you might have for a swimming pool to be realized. There is literally nothing that is out of the realm of possibility, no matter how unrealistic you may think it is. Concrete, after all, is used for making all the world’s tallest buildings so what’s a mere swimming pool.

Pro No. 2 – Concrete Provides Unmatched Toughness And Durability

Once again, the durability of concrete is proven by the fact that it is the de facto raw material used for building everything from the smallest of sheds to the tallest of buildings. Once built, your swimming pool will basically last your entire lifetime, granted you do the proper maintenance.

Con No. 1 – The Startup Time For Building A Concrete Pool Is Quite Long

All in all, a concrete pool can take up to six months to complete starting from the planning phase to the final furnishing and trial. The time needed to prep the land, dry the concrete, apply treatment etc. are all the factors that contribute to this number.

Con No. 2 – Concrete Pools Are Very High Maintenance & Hard To Repair

While concrete pools do not need to be repaired that often, there are times when they do and then it becomes a really big hassle to call in pros and fence away the pool until the work is done, since a lot of time, repairs entail reconstruction. Maintenance is similarly cumbersome compared to alternate pool types.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

With that said, fiberglass pools have their own advantages & disadvantages. Let us take a look at a few:

Pro No. 1 – Fiberglass Pools Have A Very Quick Prep And Installation Time

There is essentially nothing to be done with fiberglass pools. They come pre-constructed and all you need to do is go and choose the size and style that you like. That’s it. Once delivered to your home, you just have to place it in the right location, fill it up and you are good to go.

Pro No. 2 – Fiberglass Pools Have A Very Low Cost Of Overall Ownership

While fiberglass pools cost a bit more than concrete pools to acquire, in the long run, they amount to a lot more feasible to obtain. A lot of this can be attributed to them being so easy to maintain, requiring little cleaning. Maintenance is also quite easy.

Con No. 1 – Initial Cost Is Higher Compared To Concrete Based Pool

This is true, as discussed above, fiberglass pools have a considerably higher cost of acquisition in comparison to its direct rival, the concrete pool.

Con No. 2 – Lack Of Customizability When It Comes To Pool Shapes & Sizes

Since fiberglass pools come in prefabricated shapes and sizes, there is not much you get in way of customization. You just have a few standard dimensions to choose from, all essentially either rectangular or circular. Thinking about having one custom made for your home. That will end up costing you and it still doesn’t provide a lot of customization leeway due to the way a fiberglass pool is constructed.

So, there you have it. We have listed all the advantages that the two most common methods of pool building offer, allowing you to make the right choice between the two. To answer the question which one is better, that solely depends on you and keep in mind that no matter which pool option you choose, you can’t go wrong with this. Pool contractors suggest that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of both methods against what your needs are for the project, and make your decision based on that. In the end, the best person to tell you whether concrete suits you best or fiberglass, is yourself. lagrass

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