What is fall allergy and what are the ways of prevention?

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When the season changes to fall, one major problem is fall allergy which affects millions. For millions of people this period is troublesome. It is the type of seasonal allergy where the symptoms like runny nose, frequent coughing, stuffed nose, watery eyes and frequent headaches can be noticed. Certain plants and trees release pollen into the air while pollinating. With the process of pollination, they tend to reproduce but the immune system of the body reacts to the allergic pollen, producing histamine to defend against it. Pollen is a great threat for the people who suffer from allergy.

Reasons for getting fall allergy

  • The foremost reason for getting affected by allergies during fall is ragweed. Right from the middle of the month of August and all throughout the fall month, the ragweed produces pollen that travels hundreds of miles to harm the sufferers although it does not grow in one particular place.
  • Mold is found in the damp areas like the leaf piles and becomes airborne to cause allergies. If you suffer from allergies, it is important to stay indoors for most of the times to protect yourself. When you leave the home, shut the windows and also use air purifiers to improve the quality of indoor air.

Thus, it can be said that mold and ragweed are the common causes of allergies.

How to manage the allergy related to fall pollen?

The allergy season commences from mid of August or early August. There are some non-invasive and proactive ideas that may be utilized to do away from allergies. Make sure you know the pollen count in the outdoor areas by checking in newspapers, local feeds. Avoid the allergy trigger in order to safeguard yourself. When you drive, close the windows of the car properly to avoid the outside air. While you return home, do not forget to take a refreshing bath, washing your clothes to rid the pollens. In fact, you can also visit the local drug store to get medicines relating to allergy. Buy antihistamines to do away with the major symptoms.

Fall pollen is the prime cause of allergies relating to fall season. If the allergy is too severe, visit the allergy clinic Chantilly VA and take professional help. You can ask your friends to get the names of best doctors and physicians. It can simplify your way of finding a reliable doctor. Use cleaner that works for 24 hours each day.

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