All you want to know about implants for teeth

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Implants are used for replacing the roots related to missing teeth. On these roots the crowns, bridges or dentures etc are resting.  Implants are laced in the jawbones by cosmetic dentists through surgical methods. Implants are more natural and secure than the prevailing methods. A family implant dentistry center near your home will be the best place to carry out your implants for teeth without any difficulty or inconvenience.

Important advantages of implants for teeth

  1. Boosts confidence level: When you have all the teeth your confidence level rises high. You need not worry about your missing teeth being noticed by others.
  2. Implants help to preserve your jaw bone: When one or more teeth are lost, the jaw bone around them starts dissolving. Dental implants carried out by family implant dentistry help you to restore the shape and health of your jaw bone.
  3. Help digestion: Loss of teeth affects the way you chew your food. It also determines the food that you can eat. But with the help of dental implants you can overcome this difficulty, eat whatever you like and chew them well for improved digestion.
  4. It improves the bite which is the manner in which your teeth join together. Changes in bite can result in difficulties with your jaw bone.
  5. It improves your speech. Losing teeth can alter the way you speak and affect your self confidence. Dental implants can overcome this difficulty and bring back your self confidence.

How implant works ?

Most commonly used implants by cosmetic dentists these days are root-form implants. These implants are made of titanium.  It may appear like a cylinder or screw. After placing the implant over the jaw bone an abutment in cylindrical shape will be placed over it. This abutment forms the base for attaching the crown, bridge or denture.

Success of implants is based on a biological process known as osteointegration.  This is a natural process where the jaw bone grows around the implant. Titanium is a material which jaw bone accepts as part of the human body and there for it grows around the implant as if it were part of the body.


Studies have shown that the dental implants are successful in about 90 % and above of the cases. If there is any problem, it will appear in the first year of the surgery. After that only 1% of the cases fail each year.

Implants are very costly compared to other alternatives. The investment pays off in the years to come.

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