All you want to know about collor bone fractures

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Bone connecting the sternum or breast bone and the shoulder blade is known as collar bone. Its medical name is clavicle. It is positioned in an important location where a variety of nerves and blood vessels converges. The shoulder fractures caused as results of accident or falls may affect people of all ages. Fractures of clavicle bones have often been very painful and causing much discomfort. The fracture can be minor or severe depending upon the cause of the fracture. Severe break of collar bones can be corrected only through shoulder surgery.

Causes of collar bone fractures

Collar bone fractures are often caused as a result of the direct impact of occurring on the bone. This may happen due to a motor vehicle accident or of a sudden fall. Sports injuries can also cause clavicle fracture. A lot of sports can cause a direct impact on shoulder leading to this type of injury. The elderly people are susceptible to collar bone breaks as they are likely to fall more frequently than people of other ages.

Symptoms of collar bone fracture

Pain and difficulty in moving the affected arm are the common symptoms of collar bone fracture. Feeling a grinding sensation when trying to raise the affected arm, is also a symptom. Usually a bump develops over the breakage area. The entire area becomes very delicate that even touching will be painful. The overall effect of bruising and fracturing will be visibly evident and the shoulder drops downward. .

Surgical procedures for correcting shoulder fractures

When bones in the shoulder joint are broken, shoulder surgery is the most successful treatment option available. This surgical procedure helps to put the broken bones back in its position that helps the healing process. The positioning of the bones involved in shoulder fractures are carried out with the help of screws or plates. If the breakage is severe your orthopedic surgeon may recommend shoulder replacement in which the damaged or broken bones are replaced by prostheses made of medical grade metal or ceramic. The shoulder replacement surgery is carried out under general anesthesia. After this surgery there will be only limited movement for the first few weeks. After the sixth week the physical therapy starts in a mild manner. After three months intensive physical therapy exercises are started. Full recovery will be possible only after a period of six months.

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