When Should Tree Removal Be Done?

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As you know all too well, trees offer a lot of benefits to properties, but there comes a time when a tree removal might be necessary. While it is best to keep a tree on a property in most cases, there are also risks associated with living near or under a large tree. But, how will you know it’s finally time to let go of your tree? There are actually a few ways for identifying if your tree is at risk of losing a branch or falling.

Check Out the Entire Area

Make sure that you go to a place where you will be able to see your tree in its entirety. You have to examine it with care for leaning. Trees obviously tend to lean naturally. But if you are not sure if the tree has had the lean forever, or the lean is a new one, you might want to call an arborist. Leaning tree is a sign that the whole tree is dying or already dead, and may fall over soon.

Check the Tree’s Base

The roots of the tree will be able to give you an idea about the overall health of your tree. When the roots are visibly decaying or dying, it means that the tree lost all or some of its structural support, and could fall soon. Look closely at the tree’s base where it meets the ground. Do you notice a space between the ground and the tree? If yes, a new lean could have happened, and the tree might be structurally unsound. Professional arborist can identify if the tree is extensively devoured by insects or rotted through examining the amount of sawdust or fungus at the tree’s base.

Check the Trunk of the Tree

Cavities or cracks are also an indication that your tree isn’t structurally sound anymore. Cavities don’t actually mean that you have to remove the tree. However, these should be examined for the extensiveness. Once again, the arborist is the one who will know if the cavity has already gotten too big for your tree to sustain. Also, trunks contain the most obvious signs to an infested, sick, rotting, or dead tree. A missing bark could be a clear indicator of such things. Make sure that the tree doesn’t miss big pieces of its bark.
It is always best to find a tree service for you to know if it is the best time to remove the tree or not.

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