Top home remedies for ear infections in children

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Children suffer from ear infections more than adults. Ear infections in children are common. When there is an accumulation of bacteria and viruses in the middle ear, ear infections take place. Probable causes of ear infection may include the wax buildup, infections in the upper respiratory track, environmental allergies and food allergies. A constant pain in the ear, tugging in the ear, headache, and fluid draining from the ear suggests that there is an infection. There are some top home remedies to treat ear infections.

The Garlic Oil

Garlic is in fact a readily available kitchen item. Having the natural anti microbial property, garlic has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation. Cook two cloves of garlic in mustard and sesame oil and use it as the ear drop.

Getting rid of fungus with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the fabulous way of ridding the fungus from the ear. Take one part of apple cider vinegar and mix an equal quantity of water and alcohol. Now, soak a cotton ball and use it as the ear plug.

Treating minor ear ache with basil

Holy basil has the capability to treat minor ear ache. It can reduce infection and cure the pain. You need to crush 4-5 basil leaves to extract the juice. Apply the juice around the infected ear. Simultaneously, you can mix the juice in drops of coconut oil. This mixture has a great healing property.

Clearing the blockage with olive oil

Perhaps the ear ache is caused due to the wax buildup. It may lead to the bacterial growth in the Eustachian tube, leading to blockage. With the aid of olive oil, such a blockage may be cleared off.

Warm water bottle

To do away with the pain instantly, a warm water bottle may be used. Press the heating pad or the warm water bottle against the ear. Similarly, a warm compress may even be used. Ring out excess water from the muslin cloth that was dipped in the warm water. Now, place the warm cloth upon the infected ear.

Other ways of curing an ear infection

Besides using the natural home remedies, there are others ways to treat ear infections in children. As the popular home remedy for ear infection, zinc supplement can also be used. 3% of hydrogen peroxide solution may be used in the infected ear, thrice daily. This can treat ear infections. Warming onion, garlic can provide instant relief from the pain. Prepare natural ear drop by mixing onion, garlic and mustard oil. If used regularly, there will never be any ear infection.

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