Things to consider when buying a used car

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Car purchasing is an extremely complicated and terribly expensive process. There are several things to consider at one time. The confusion gets aggravated if you are buying a used car. Since you are investing your hardly earned money on the vehicle, you should get value for your money.

In the used car market, you should trust your instincts more than anybody. There present very good as well as nearly new cars in the used cars market. If you take the right decision at the right time, you may crack the lucrative deal. The below mentioned tips will guide you in purchasing the good and cheap cars:

Do your research: Never ever walk into the used cars market without any knowledge. Before stepping into the used car market, learn everything about dealer, traders and the entire buying-selling process of the used cars.

Set your budget: Plan out how much you afford to invest on the vehicle. Include insurance, registration, taxes, maintenance, repair and running cost into your budget. No matters how profitable deal you see, you should stick with your budget. Even if you liked a car and deal is exceeding from your budget specifications, get ready to walkout.

Thoroughly check the car: As soon as you enter into the used car market, dazzling shine of the used cars will fetch your attention. But you should not get tamed by outer appearance. Thoroughly examine the selected cars from inside out and then make any decision.

  • Check dents, scratches, rust and other defects in the daylight.
  • Examine the under car, welding marks (under carpet) and bonnet.
  • Check if car has any sign of crash.
  • Take test drive and examine the engine, air conditioner and other working components.
  • Make sure seatbelts, steering, horn, lights and indicators work correctly.
  • Check the doors, windows and seats of the car.

Dealing the dealer: In order to purchase the car at right price, you should know how to deal with the car dealer. Through negotiating, it is possible to buy a car at reasonable price. Read automotive magazine to learn about the tactics of negotiating the dealer.

Paper work: Before you finalize the deal, check all vehicle related papers and documents. If you find any incorrect or missing document, cancel the deal right away.


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