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Did you know chimney cleaning failure can be fatal? According to the 2016 report from the national fire protection association failure to clean chimney was leading factors of home heating fire. Making your fireplace safe should be your priority. It is not a do-it-yourself task, because it is more than just sweeping dust. Therefore, it is always best to hire a certified chimney sweep services for a better outcome.  Here is everything you need to know about chimney inspection. It includes details of how much it will cost you and how often you should clean the chimney.

The ultimate chimney cleaning guide

How often a chimney should be inspected?

It should be inspected every year. Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves should be checked when the heating season starts every year to make sure everything is working fine.

How often a chimney should be cleaned?

Making sure your chimney is cleaned, as it is very important. You should have a check on it. If you notice the dust is increasing and causing blockage, clean it as soon as possible. Also, have a thorough inspection annually, as it will help you determine if any repairs are needed or not. Sometimes it is important to sweep the chimney more than once a year. The fuel and venting system needs to be matched properly.

Why is it important to inspect and clean chimney?

The incineration process in chimney deposits acidic material. It weakens brickwork and the metal portion of the chimney. It causes them to stop working efficiently. Incomplete combustion can cause stockpile of creosote, which is highly flammable. It can catch fire and spread to the other areas of your home. If your chimney is not used frequently, birds might nest there. It will cause a blockage. Moreover, leaves, sticks, and twigs can block the chimney. Rain and high winds can also damage the chimney. Your chimney must have a rain cap to keep away rain and twigs, as they are primary reasons to damage the chimney.

What should professional chimney cleaning include?

  1. Sweeping the fireplace, inspection of the firebox, inside layer, the smoke compartment is checked thoroughly. The external part of the chimney and inspect the appliance for proper clearances.
  2. Recommendations from your chimney services for proper procedure, or replacement of apparatus.  It helps you understand what part of the chimney needs repairing.
  3. A video inspection of the chimney. It may cost you a little, but it could spot concealed damage.

How much it will cost you?

A standard inspection of the chimney would cost you around $100 to $250.  It depends on the chimney cleaning service provider. Some chimney sweeps waive inspection fees if cleaning or repair work is done. It also depends on the complication that is faced while sweeping, such as dead or alive animals inside the chimney.

Can you clean chimney on your own?

It is not safe to do it on your own. You might lack the professional equipment to inspect the chimney. Moreover, you might not know how to do it properly because you are not experienced in handling emergencies. A thorough inspection is needed which includes cleaning the interior and exterior body of the chimney. It includes a chimney cap, you can not clean it from the ground. You have to go up on the roof for it which requires a lot of patience and hard work.

5 ways to maintain your fireplace

  1. Clean the ashes from the fireplace.
  2. Collect firewood a year in advance to properly season it. It helps less-flammable material to be collected in chimney.
  3. Make sure dumper is fully open before you light the fire in the fireplace
  4. Do not burn anything in the fireplace other than woods.
  5. Burn fires that consume the fuel. Burning wet or poor-quality fuel results in slow fires and more creosote buildup on the flue.

Maintaining a fireplace is easy and you can do it yourself. Cleaning it on your own will not be as perfect as your chimney sweep services Columbia MD provider. taking risks might set your house on fire.

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