Reasons You Need a Clean Chimney

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Chimney Cleaning

Everyone loves the fireplace. After all, the toasty comfort offered by fireplace in chilly winter nights is incomparable. A fireplace can also be dangerous. It can result fire hazards. However, you can prevent fire hazards by hiring a certified chimney contractor to tackle fireplace and chimney maintenance tasks.

Why to clean chimney?

In order to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your fireplace, you need to keep your chimney clean. Each year, many homeowners have to bear the loss of millions of dollars because of chimney fires that could have been prevented if the homeowners adhered to chimney maintenance routine.

A clean chimney is the safe chimney

You cannot underestimate the importance of chimney cleaning. Chimney is responsible for carrying the smoke upward which is liberated by your wood burning fireplace. If your chimney is not clean then smoke will trapped inside the chimney. This trapped smoke will then either results in chimney fire or leak toxic gases inside your home.

One of the most dangerous by-products generated by wood burning fireplace is creosote. Creosote gets deposited into the walls of chimney. If creosote is not cleaned over time, it will form the thick layer. This creosote layer is highly combustible. One spark and BOOM! Your entire chimney will catch fire because of creosote deposits on the walls.

Creosote deposit can also cause chimney clogging. When creosote buildup combines with snow, moisture and water, it forms a mucus layer. This layer does not allow smoke to travel up and escape through the chimney, as a consequence smoke will have to escape out from the fireplace openings. This pollutes the entire aura of your home. And if you or any of your family member has allergy problems, then this smoke can exaggerate the allergy symptoms.

Chimney cleaning is also important to remove the debris, bird nests, spider webs, insects, dust and other deposit from your chimney. All these substances are combustible as well.

A clean chimney will ensure that your fireplace is functioning at its maximum efficiency, which will provide you the most heat while reducing the heating cost. Thus, always consider hiring a certified chimney sweep for annual chimney inspection and cleaning tasks.

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