My Kid Is Snoring – Should I See A Sleep Doctor?

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Snoring can be a normal phenomenon, but in kids, it can be alarming. Here are some red flags that you should look out for and should contact a sleep specialist immediately if your child is snoring too much.

Some Signs To Look Out For If Your Child Is Snoring

Here are some things you should keep an eye on if your child is snoring.

If They Snore Most Nights, You Need To See A Doctor

If your child is snoring too much, especially during nighttime, then it can possibly mean that your child is suffering from sleep apnea. It is normal for children to snore continuously, especially during the night, so it can be alarming for the parent to witness their child snoring. You need to see a doctor immediately, because the doctors will take a fast pace in the diagnosis of the child’s snoring, via a sleep study. In a sleep study, your child will have to stay in the hospital overnight. Your child’s sleep will be monitored by sensors.

Also, the breathing pattern, oxygen saturation in the blood, twitching, eye and limb movement, etc. will be monitored throughout the night. Sleep apnea can cause people to snore because the air passage shortens, which doesn’t let the person breathe completely, hence snoring becomes a normal thing to do. If the air passage is completely blocked, then the person can stop breathing altogether.

If They Have Any Allergies

Children suffer from seasonal allergies a lot. This can affect their throats and breathing pattern. This can cause them to snore too. If your child is suffering from any kind of allergy which targets the respiratory system, specifically, then you might witness your child snoring. This can happen during the daytime hours, it seldom happens at night. The effect of snoring will be the highest when allergy triggers or allergens are in contact with your child.

After taking a bath, removing the allergen-infested clothes or reducing contact with the allergen, your child will be completely fine, and there is no need for you to see a doctor. You just need to find out what triggers your child’s allergies and you need to prevent contact with your child from those allergens.

Allergies can cause stuffy and blocked nose, which can lead to children snoring and breathing with their mouths.

If Your Child Suffers From Gasping While Sleeping

If your child suddenly gasps or catches their breath, while sleeping, then it might seem like your child is suffering from sleep apnea. Gasping is also another major symptom of sleep apnea, in adults and children.

Gasping happens when the blocked airways or passage finally opens due to pressure build up inside your larynx. As soon as the breathing airways open, you will finally catch your breath. This is the main mechanism of gasping. People with sleep apnea will have the problem of gasping, because of their airway blocking.

Your Child Sleeps With His/Her Mouth Open

If your child is seen sleeping with their mouth open, their neck extended and chin upward, then it can lead to snoring. Mouth opening can hint that your child is having a hard time breathing with their mouth closed. This can happen due to allergies or breathing problems in general. You can get your child checked for a blocked nose or allergies, then you can debunk the snoring myth.

Your Child Is Not Able To Sleep Properly

If your child is not able to sleep properly or suffering from a sleep disorder, it may affect the mood and overall energy of the child. You will see your child feeling exhausted and cranky. They will often sleep at odd hours because the brain is too tired. This is an alarming situation and you need to check your child up with a doctor immediately. Lack of sleep is never good, whether it is happening to children or adults. You need to diagnose the issue of your child not being able to sleep.

The key is to act fast and diligently. You don’t want to keep the issue hanging, otherwise it can lead to a lot of problems in the future. If you see the above symptoms, find a sleep apnea doctor and book an appointment of the very next day.

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