Most Common Chimney Problems that Need Chimney Repair

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No one wants to worry about chimney repair when all you like is to bask in the comfort of a roaring fire on a cold winter day. Indeed, a fireplace is the favorite hang out spot of most families when the cold months come. Unfortunately, your chimney also experiences some issues that you need to address right away to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Importance of Chimney Maintenance and Repair

Chimneys are designed to draw the gases and smoke produced by a fire safely up and out of your home. It is extremely essential as some gases can be dangerous. Among the most dangerous ones is carbon monoxide which can kill when in inhaled in large doses.

The second important function of your chimney is to keep the fire’s excess heat until this can be vented outside. Most homes today are combustible. When your chimney fails to get this hot air outside with no leaks, this can lead to a fire inside your home.

It is the reason why you have to watch out for tell tale signs that your chimney needs a repair at the soonest time possible to avoid more serious problems later on.

Buildup of Creosote

Creosote refers to the oil produced when wood and other solid objects are set on fire. After some time, creosote will build up inside the chimney. When there is already an excessive building, this can ignite and cause a fire in the chimney.

Holes or Cracks in the Flue

Some gases produced by fire can be quite corrosive, thus causing damages on the flue of the chimney and lead to possible blockages or allow harmful gases to seep into your house. See to it that the flue undergoes a yearly inspection to ensure that it is in its tiptop condition.

Chimney Crown and Cap

The chimney crown and cap basically make up the chimney’s roof surrounding the flue and keeps debris and water from getting inside the chimney. If it is cracked or has missing pieces, this can cause water damage to the inner part of your chimney or even damage the flue’s ability to channel heat and gases out of your home. This part also keeps weather elements, debris and animals out of the flue.


One more common problem with your chimney that needs repair is the blockage in its flue. It can be because of debris from the materials lodged in the chimney or even by nests of animals. Blockages, even the smallest ones, can affect the chimney’s efficiency in getting smoke, heat and gases out of your house.


Brickwork Problems

Another problem occurs when the flue starts to leak and erode the brickwork and masonry around the exterior and needs extensive repair work. When there is too much of this, it can lead to major damage on the structure that will make the repair even more expensive.

Once you notice any of these issues during your inspection, make sure you get the help of a reliable chimney contractor bowie md that can do a great job in doing the necessary repairs.

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