How To Prepare Soil For Paver Patio?

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The one question that you would always want a professional patio contractor to answer is how to prepare the ground or solid for paver patio installation and layout. Let’s be hone – the fundamental base for ever patio is actually the ground that it stands on whether it is brick, concrete or soil. Since the most common choice of base for paver patio installation by paver patio contractor is soil – that is what we will be talking about in this article ahead.

How To Prepare The Soil for patio construction?

The very important question that most paver contractor have to address is how to exactly prepare the soil to install and lay pavers over it. The following is quick overview of the most reliable way of preparing the soil beforehand for paver installation.

  1. You will need to measure the paver patio that you plan to install to get a size assessment.
  2. Dig the ground according to the size of the paver. In most cases up to 8 inches deep digs are enough.
  3. Draw an outline on the dig hole to mark the paver layout.
  4. Fill up the hole with concrete to provide it solid base support.
  5. One top of the concreate base will go the gravel that needs to be kept at a minimal level that leaves 2 inches free from the top for the actual paver.

Why Is It Important To Prepare The Soil?

Pavers are actually a good landscape support made of natural stone, cement or brick that gives you a great pathway to walk over. It also adds a lot of aesthetic beauty to your surroundings. The one thing that has been observed is that the pavers can wear out over time and damage. This is mostly when the base is not prepared before installation so it does not last for a long time. This is solely why every patio contractor strongly urges you to prepare the base first before moving any further ahead with the process.

Laying Pavers On Dirt

Another very common query that people have for the patio contractor to address is how to lay pavers on dirt. So far in this article, we have seen the expert paver patio contractor view on how to prepare the ground for the pavers. Let’s now take a quick look at how to lays the pavers dirt or soil as well. The difference between both is very minimal therefore, it needs to be mentioned as well.

  • The area of the ground i.e. dirt where you would want to lay the paver needs to be dig into at least 6 inched deep.
  • The base should always be filled with gravel. In this case, 2 or 3 inches of gravel base would be adequate.
  • You can design or sketch out a pattern over the base gravel in order to highlight the area that you would want to fill up later.
  • You can now put sand into the area and smooth it out in order to remove all excess sand from the top. lagrass

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