How to Clean Your Heating Ducts

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The warmer months of spring and summer have passed and now it’s time to get ready for colder months. To make sure that indoor environment of your home remain consistent and cozy, you should hire a heat repair technician to service your furnace, water heater, boiler and all other heating appliances.

Heating ducts cleaning

Heat duct cleaning is a commonly-overlooked chore. It is essential to look after heat ducts because the buildup of mold, hair, pollen, dusts, dander and more can eventually clog heating ducts. This clogging will reduce the air flow and the affect overall performance of system. It may also result in leaky air ducts, which severely reduces energy efficiency of your heating devices and hikes up your monthly utility bills. The only way to avoid this predicament is annual heat duct cleaning.

Why to think about heat duct cleaning

The dirty dingy air can pollute the indoor aura and may cause breathing difficulties. If you have any allergy or asthma patient in your home, then heat duct cleaning is mandatory for you, because polluted indoor air can anytime trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

Air duct cleaning is also a great way of inspecting air leaks. During duct cleaning, you can scrutinize your ducts for damages and detect the exact locations of air leaks. After that you can call an HVAC technician for repair. By doing this you can prevent the heat loss.

How to clean heat ducts

In order to get started with air duct cleaning, you will need- a bucket, household bleach, several plastic zip ties, a small paint brush, clean cloths, some mastic, screwdriver and clean water. Once you have gathered all these stuffs, it’s time to get started. Follow below mentioned instructions:

  • In your bucket, thoroughly mix bleach and water.
  • Remove outer and inner liners from the duct connectors.
  • Soak cloth into your cleaning solution and try wiping the inner liners as far as you can.
  • Apply small quantity of mastic to the duct connector.
  • Secure the inner liners of duct connector with a zip tie.
  • Pull the outer liners of duct connector and apply light layer of mastic over them.

This DIY heat duct cleaning process is lengthy but it can provide you a long-term solution. If you don’t feel like you can accomplish heat duct cleaning, you can hire a certified hvac technician to do this task for you.

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