How much a bail bond cost?

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Bail bond, also called as “surety bond” is a type of property pledged or deposited in a court to persuade for release from jail on the agreement that the defendant will come for a trial in a court else the bail amount will be forfeited and will bring the charges of the crime. In some cases, bail bond can be returned to the defendant if he appears to be not guilty of the crime. Any type of deviation on behalf of the defendants to appear in court leads to full loss of bail amount. If you find it difficult to pay the bail amount then there are lots of qualified bail agents who help an accused to get out of the jail.

Most of the bail bond premiums are 10 to 15% of the full bail money and these fees are decided by the surety companies under regulation of the Department of Insurance. In most of the states, the cost of a bail bond is decided by law and the rates cannot be negotiated and there should not be any hidden fees or taxes with the bail bond company. All this makes it easy for the consumers as there is no need of different bail bond companies to get the best rate. The professional bail bond companies offer the services at a nominal fee.Legally; it would have the same rate. The federal courts charges 15% of the bond amount and the immigration bond 20% of the bond amount. The state court charges anything between 10% to 15% of the bond amount depending upon the state where the crime took place.

The higher the crime the more bail amount needs to be paid to get out of jail. In towns or states, bail schedule is used that assigns a bail amount or money as per the committed offense. Bail is not at all cheap and judges need not to follow a particular bail schedule and he may raise or reduce the individual bail amount. If the offense finds to be a petty crime then accused can be released under own recognizance.

When someone got arrested then the services of a professional bail bondsman are required to get out of jail. Although after paying the bail money, the accused become free to go anywhere and do whatever he wish to do but there is no surety of complete freedom when you are released on bail.So,understand the terms of release decided by the court and any other conditions set by the bail agent. If the accused fails to fulfill to these terms then the bail can be revoked and the accused can be arrested.

The entire process might become very costly that makes the defendant into a chance of losing the freedom, bond fee and even the chance to get a released from jail on bail in future. Seek help form a professional bail bondsman for safe release.


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