Handling Common Heating Problems

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A lot of homeowners stick to older solutions and hire electric heating repair companies to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Instead of spending money and time on solutions that don’t prove to be energy efficient in the longer run, you should consider few smarter choices. Here are few common problems and feasible solutions.

Drafty and Energy Inefficient Windows

Are your windows extremely drafty and energy inefficient? The old solution was to buy brand new windows. However, HVAC contractors have a new smarter solution. These experts will insulate and air seal your basement and attic. The home is a giant thermos container. It can be insulated in many ways. When homes are heated, warm air bumps and rises into upper ceilings. In case there are small holes in your roof or an unsealed attic floor, heat will be lost from your home. To fix this insulation problem, you must air seal the attics! Sealing will prevent slow air leaks and reduce your cooling and heating costs.


Another common problem with insulation would be “insufficiency”. The old solution was to build homes that are properly insulated. In simpler words, homes had to be built to code. The new smart solution expects homeowners to include more insulation in their building. Insulation codes have changed significantly in the past few years. Insulation is the best way to improve comfort and save more energy. Likewise, it reduces the chances of mold and moisture on condensing walls. When compared against other home improved upgrades, insulation is cheaper and an excellent way to save money.

Super-Hot Attics

Is your attic very hot? Do you invest on expensive attic fans every now and then? If yes, it is time to change your ways. The new smart solution is to insulate and air seal. Next, passive vending is more than enough to handle a hot attic. Unconditioned attics are bound to become very hot. To cool down hot attics, homeowners should add fans to cool and ventilate the area. Unfortunately, attic floors can have plenty of leaks. Instead of attracting fresh are into the home, attic fans throw conditioned air outside. This means, your home will no longer be conditioned. To fix this problem, you require proper insulation and air sealing. This will eradicate the need for attic fans.

On the whole, there are so many different ways to handle insulation. Hire an expert to find the best oil burner replacement for your property.

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