Hair Restoration – Exciting Benefits Await You

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Based on the latest statistics, the number of hair restoration procedures in the US alone has reached over 13 percent between the years 2004 and 2006. On the other hand, the figures increased to as much as 30 percent worldwide. With these, it is easy to say that more and more people are now enjoying the benefits, affordability, and convenience that surgical restoration of hair has to offer.

Change Your Life by Restoring Your Natural Hair

No doubt the biggest advantage of transplants of hair is aesthetic change. You can enjoy having a good head of healthy hair you can style and fix any way you want. Women and men alike love to have thicker and fuller head of hair, and this process can make that possible.

However, the benefits don’t just stop there. When you have a good crowning glory, this can ease away insecurities, build self-esteem, and increase your willingness to take part in more social activities.

A lot of men and women suffering from hair loss tend to be self-consciousness, and this could even make them feel less attractive. Many people assume that hair loss can affect their career or social life. Some are even hesitant to go on dates because of their hair.

Hair replacement procedures are being done for almost half a century, and these have a great record of success and safety. Thanks to the continuous advancements in practices and technology, hair transplants can look very natural. Right now, doctors make use of follicle grafts which contain just few hairs. The smaller grafts are being strategically placed for recreating a natural head of hair. Since these are basically the own hair of the recipient, the transplanted follicles are going to continue with their growth during the life of the individual.

Who are at Risk for Hair Loss?

Statistics have revealed that over 70& of men will suffer from some kind of hair loss at one point of their lives. Usually, significant hair loss doesn’t start until one reaches middle age. However, thinning hair can also start during early years of adolescence. Hair loss can also happen to women at any age. A common pattern of this problem for ladies is diffuse thinning on the whole top of their head. Whatever your age might be, a visit to a reliable hair transplant clinic can give you an idea if you are a potential candidate for this procedure or not.

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