Electric Heat Pump Vs. A Gas Furnace! Which One To Choose?

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Heating your home is something that you should not take for granted. You have to take all things in consideration when choosing what kind of heating you should install in your home. You have to make a good research about how different systems work and which one will fit to your needs. When you are thinking about whether you should buy an electric heat pump or a gas furnace there are many things that you have to think about in order to make the right decision.

The difference between an electric heat pump vs. a gas furnace

The main difference between this two is that the gas furnace blows warm heated air throughout your home, while the heat pump takes existing heat with a special refrigerant and moves it around – from inside to outside, and you can use it for cooling in summer or for heating I winter. If you live in a really cold place a gas furnace would be a better choice. If you live in a place that is relatively warm having a heat pump might the more cost effective choice.

Efficiency of heat pump vs. furnace

The heat pump is about 30-40% more efficient than the gas furnace because it moves heat rather than generate, which will save you electricity costs. It can provide up to four times more energy than it consumes. But, if you live in a place where there are really cold winters the efficiency of the heat pump decreases. You can increase the efficiency of the heat pump in the winter if you size it appropriately to your home.

There are also furnaces that are highly efficient and help you save money month-to-month. You need to make sure that you furnace is labeled with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating which represents the amount of energy the furnace takes to heat your home. With furnaces as well it is important to size it correctly to your home

Cost of heat pump vs. furnace

When deciding between these two it is important to take into consideration the costs that you will have when using either one of these systems. You should consider the costs of the electricity and the gas in your area. Consider the costs of the units themselves as well. Also keep in mind that the heat pump can provide you with heating as well as cooling, whereas the furnace only heats. If you choose the furnace you will need an air conditioner for the summer. So, consider the cost the heat pump vs. the cost of the furnace and the air condition as well.

Convenience of heat pump vs. furnace

Heat pumps can be used in winter, as well as in summer. But keep in mind that the heat pump uses outdoor ambient heat to warm your home so if you live in a very cold place it will not be as effective as the furnace. If you live in a moderate climate you should buy a heat pump because you will not need an air conditioner for the summer and you will have a constant temperature inside your home no matter what the weather is outside.

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