Driveway Paver – Best Options To Avail

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Driveway paver has its own importance for the safety and looks of your home. Driveway is one of the most crucial parts of a home exterior. However, often it fails to receive the necessary amount of attention. During the cold climatic conditions, the driveway gets buried under heavy snow. This often creates a serious problem while getting the car out from the garage. Nicely constructed driveway paver helps in improving the curb appeal of the home.

Selecting the right type of material

Selecting the right type of material is essential. Brick and concrete are often the most popular driveway materials. The other available options tend to lose on the appeal with the passing of time. During the earlier days, poured concrete driveways used to be the most popular option to look out for. Same cannot be said in the present scenario. There are several cheaper substitutes available these days. These options are also easy enough to install.

The least expensive options

Asphalt is always the least expensive option when looking for materials to pave the driveway. It is also highly popular. Per square foot price for asphalt costs around $5 to $7. Although these driveways provide a very clean and crisp appearance, the blacktop may not be that much exciting as one may expect. Perfectly constructed and installed asphalt driveway will generally last perfectly well for 10 years. However, post this time, it will start to show up basic wear and tear. Cracking of the surface may allow moisture to seep in. This will result in freezing the basement, thus causing more damage. When scenarios gets that much uglier, it become necessary to look out for the best preventive measure to get the cracks repaired along with self-coating of the surface.

Paver driveway costs

Pavers are available in different colors and sizes. Although referred to as brick driveway design Long Island, the driveway pavers are primarily made from concrete or clay. Some look like bricks while others look more of cobblestone and natural stones. Paver system mostly comprise of 8” to 9” gravel base, 1” of bedding sand, and pavers. These pavers are not mortared into the place. They are simply been set into sand bed. These joints are then perfectly filled with polymer based sand to make them harden while being wet. Installed driveway will cost somewhat around more when compared to asphalt. However, there are more variations available. Also, they are more durable in comparison to asphalt and promise minimal maintenance.

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