Commercial Gas Oven Repairs: Important Information on Baking in Gas Ovens

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Commercial gas oven repairs are quite common, mainly because gas ovens could be quite tricky despite their quirks. More often than not, it works just fine then without you knowing it, the cake you are baking ends up unevenly cooked. If you are wondering why, there are some important things you should first know about baking in commercial gas ovens.

Rotate the Trays, Always

Gas ovens are quite notorious for their hotspots, which is why it is important to rotate the trays once or twice when cooking. It will guarantee that everything will bake as evenly as possible. If you do lots of baking, it could be helpful to map out hot spots with the use of a tray of breadcrumbs or shredded coconut.

Get Browner Tops by Moving Trays Higher

Since gas ovens have the tendency to have more ambient air moisture, it could take longer or lots longer for your foods’ top to turn brown. If you want to hasten this browning process, just move the trays to the top portion of the oven or put another baking sheet directly on top of the food. This way, heat is going to bounce off the ceiling to help brown the foods. You can also run your food under the broiler for one or two minutes. However, you have to be attentive as it could easily transform from a lovely golden brown into scorched then burnt in a matter of seconds.

Enjoy Even Cooking with Pizza Stone

Pizza stones can hold heat really well and radiate this outward at a very steady and even rate. it makes a wonderful tool not only for pizza making but also for turning the cranky gas range to a steady and sure cooking machine. If you don’t use this for actual baking, just put the baking stone on the oven’s floor or on its lowest rack. Cook foods on a different food directly above the stone to make the most out of radiant and even heat.

Aside from helping you prepare the most delicious cakes and other pastries, learning how to use your commercial gas oven properly every time you bake can save you from having to call a commercial gas oven service fairfax for repairs and replacements. Take note that the real secret for a longer life span of any kitchen equipment is knowing how it should be used and handled properly.

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