Can Pregnant Women Take Claritin Allergy Medicine?

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Ask an allergy doctor can a pregnant lady take Claritin drug and he says definitely. Please remember that the doctor will base that answer on existing research that she or he is aware of. There may be researching verifying the harm Claritin can do the baby, but the doctor is not alert of it. Or even worse, maybe Claritin does really hurt a baby in the womb; anyway, scientific research has not yet found the research to help the claim. Also, be alert if a doctor says that pregnant lady can take Claritin allergy medicine because study presents that it did not harm.

What does a pregnant lady do for her allergies?

What should be done if a pregnant lady cannot take Claritin allergy medicine? What many physicians do not know is that there are extremely effective natural remedies for treating allergies. Additional, these remedies can exactly be fit for the fetus as well.

First of all, allergies can be aggravated and caused by a bad diet heavy in processed un-natural foods top in sugar. Remember also that sugar in all its types can activate allergies. For example, drinking a glass of orange juice, what we generally think of as being fit, is actually bad for allergies for the reason that sugar is too high.

Maintain a fit digestive system

Every pregnant lady should be taking probiotics three times a day. Probiotics are the opposite of antibiotics and they flood your digestive system with the fit bacteria that your body needs to be fit. Additional, over ninety percent of your defense system is in the digestive tract. Taking probiotics every day will support body fight off all types of flu, unhealthy cold, and disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

Stay away from sugar

This has nothing to do with being on losing weight or diet. The short and long of it is sugar in all its forms weakens the defense system. If you are prone to allergies, you are not providing your defense system a chance to attack your spring allergies and get rid of them.  Additional, allergy bacteria feed off of sugar. So, if you have allergies and eat Ding Dongs or drink Pepsi every day then you are powering the severity of your allergies. It is a lost battle for you and your baby, and more so if you end taking the drug.

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